The Purpose of Astrology, Applications and Implementation

The Purpose of Astrology, Applications and Implementation



First let me make a short distinguish definition between Astrology and Astronomy. Astrology from the Greek word ‘star” and lógou`, “study of”. Astronomy from the Greek words astron “star” and nomos “law”, Astronomy is studding the movement, structure, and stars creation and formation.

Astrology is an ancient science, older than all the monoteistic religens, the roots of astrology are based in the dawn of civilization history, in the ancient world of Mesopotamia, I’m referring to the Akkadian Empire (2800 B.C), the Sumerian 4th millennium BC, and the Babyloniaian (2300 B.C.). In our days this area is called Iraq.

We can see the roots prosess along nearly 5000 years.Most of the worlds cultures had adopted and assimilated astrology techniques . Once cane learn, from China, India, Persia, ancient Egypt, the Hellenistic world, Arabic world, passing the Judaism along all generations and the Christian culture.

Our ancestors had already used the system of observation, and they had made statistical data processing.

 Steven Forest in his book “The changing sky” A bantam book 1986 pp XVII.  Is saying, “Astrology is there in the roots of the intellectual tradition that led to modern astronomy, physics and psychology”. 

Astrology was and is seen as the sciences “step-son”, However Astrology is entitled the title science not less than the  “Social Sciences” not mention so- called the Faculty of the Humanities, which are being taught, in the universities.

Astrology is and must work according to statistical data processing, its validity astrology gets through the concept of correlation, exactly, and in the same methodology as Physiology and Sociology, matter of fact as all the un precise sciences, and to those how are insist upon, we can add the concept “Paradigm”, Finalizing that issue in brief, Astrology should us all the researching tools and explanation as the social sciences do, coming to explain the validity of an theory.

There is an interaction between Astrology and Astronomy, Astrology is lending from Astronomy all the knowledge and the conceptual system about the cosmos, and the plants (BTW till the 15th Century Astronomy and Astrology were one discipline).

The basic difference is that Astrology is focusing upon the planet Earth as the center of the interpretational methodology, let my emphasize this, this approach is only for Astrological interpretation. Astrology does deny neither Nicolas Copernicus, nor Galileo Galilee. Hence we are saying that, let me emphasize the concept that there is no any contradiction between Astrology and Astronomy every and each of them is orbiting in his course.

The Purpose

Among the Astrological community there isn’t any agreement as for the right approach, every astrological consultant holds his views and opinion as for the right interpretation, furthermore there is a dichotomy as for the aims and astrology uses. Every group of astrologers is assimilating there on approach, which is consistence with their member’s values and life culture philosophy.

Iben Ezra was once asked about the roll of astrology, he answered that the roll of an astrologer is to help a blind man to cross the way with out being run over by a galloping herd of cattle.

Stephen Arroyo in his book “ The practice and Profession of Astrology” is defining the purpose of astrology.

At first he emphasizes that the astrologer implicates his philosophical view, since there are many kinds of astrologers there are many kinds of different influences.

 However according to his opinion “ the purpose of astrology is to clarify to individuals the porous of the heavens” but once can never achieve this ideal fully,” little bit down to earth, the propose is to “ re-establish order, confidence, peace of mind” and to encourage self acceptance in oneself a or in others”. 

The late Astrologer & Philosopher Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985) had defined Astrology as “ a form of personal guidance” see, Dane Rudhyar “ An Attempt at formulating Minimal Requirements for the Practice of Astrology” Baltimore, Maryland: Penguin Books Inc.1971 PP 14/

Dr J. Ben dove (History & Philosophy of sciences) hade submitted to the Israeli court a statement as an expert witness (Elizur Kedoshi Vs Tommy Lapid, Tel Aviv, November 2002)

In his statement he is defying Astrology “as a practice of advice and guidance which is based upon the connection between plants signs and symbols that gives an indication to personal & social process on earth”.

David Cochrane, the person behind the project Kepler, Pegasus & Sirius at Cosmic Patterns Software Inc is explaining in his article “Science or Superstition s” , see

“ Astrology is a Science is based on observation. More specifically, science is based on the scientific method” “you can begin to see the pattern of a person’s life, the inner drive and meaning behind their behavior, and you can really appreciate and respect, not just intellectually understand, people in a way that is difficult to achieve 

Bernard Rosenblum M.D is a psychiatrist, practicing in N.Y, he is using astrology as an assisting tool in his work, in his book “The Astrologers Guide to Counseling” CRCS Publications 1983 pp 34-44.

Pre-Condition, Rosenblum believes that a counselor should be a person with a mature personality, a person who knows himself well, his weakness and advantages, such a person should be able to cope with pressure situations, and should know handling the client reactions.

 Moreover the astrologer should keep for himself his cultural beliefs, his ego, and avoid playing power games.

Rosenblum is referring to three levels of the Astrological work with clients.

1. Astrological education – is what commonly goes by the term Chart Reading, it is mainly providing information of a general kind. There is little of a dialogue, sometime a minimal degree of counseling, it occurs when the client is mentioning a problem

2. Astrological counseling – this stage involves a dialogue between the Astrologer and client, the client is a active participant in order to aid him in the working out of current life problems

3. Astro –therapy – In this stage there is the astrologer participates in a regular ongoing way in the depth-psychological change of the individual.

Annie Heese and Adame Banks are determining to basic principals, what Astrology is and what it is not, (see)

“Astrology is not fortune telling”. Astrology is a recognition that we have free will, Astrology ca help us in many way’s,” Astrology can pinpoint latent talents you may possess “. “Astrology can also point out expansive, rewarding trends that are coming up and assist you in figuring out how to take advantage of them before they fade”, most important is, that astrology always help’s us to be in complete control of your life, we are not ruled by the plants, but the plants are creating the opportunity, it is already been said “

The Stars Incline But Do Not Impel”.

Steven Forest ( op. cit. p XVI) is backing up this approach “ The purpose of modern astrology is not to forecast events .It is to help people make better choices”,” Not fate but freedom in the real world”. 

The Implementation

Along history course, Astrology had developed several approaches and systems. Each approach and system has it followers and criticizers. I’ll mention only two, the Traditional approach and the Psychological approach. The Psychological approach had been developed alongside to the development of the sciences, finally the Psychological approach had shift the Traditional approach from its seniority, in the beginning of the former century. Lately and occasionally, we can hear, here and there voices saying, “we are tired of the Psychological mambo jumbo, it doesn’t tell us a thing”, well maybe it is time to walk in the middle way, a bit of this and a bit of that, to find the balance, and to integrate both approaches.

First of all let’s focus on the NATAL CHART, the natal chart is a “photography” of the planets constellation at the moment of birth.

The interpretation of that chart submits us with the profile of the chart owner, his potentials, his virtues, his weaknesses and advantages, the natal chart is the “gate” to self-awareness.

Secondly we can focus upon the CAREER & VOCATION chart, many of us are wondering many years “ what is our vocation”, the purpose of that chat is to submit an answer to that question, instead of a life long trial and error process, the purpose of that chat is to avoid wasting precious lifetime.

Thirdly, the RELATIONSHIP chart, al about the relationship between people, lovers, partners, the chart analyses and compare the Charts for two or more people, providing a compatibility and feasibility relation between the persons, the report is comparing the factors as fellows: togetherness romance, sexuality liability warmth, security tension, intelligence, motivation, harmony, family, psychological view of the partners and their needs, ability to function in a relationship and the suitability of the relationship.

Fourthly, RELOCATION chart, Relocation astrology provides the opportunity to get a sense of what a place might be like for you, even though you may have never been there. That could be of a great help, if you are planning to move or take a longer trip. Relocation report is a means of discovering where in the world you are affected and how. Not only can you understand what forces influence you in your present location but Relocation report can show you the best places on Earth to pursue your dreams, find spiritual growth, improved health, love and romance, prosperity or adventure.

Fifthly, BUSINESS ASTROLOGY   the aim of this chart is to helping to establish a winning business strategy. To give the idea what is the right business field, the right business location, business assessment, were is the right regional for establishing the business activity – Globally. The chart will indicate anything that needs opportunity for success.

Sixthly. EVENT TIMING chart, The birth moment gives indications of how the life of a person or event will unfold. The timing of important life events should be chosen carefully.  To Start a new business or professional venture at the best time, to ensure success such as marriage, opening a business, or buying a house, should be in a appropriate timing, you should do those activities on the best day and time for their specific event.

In conclusion, Astrology isn’t forecasting at least not anymore. Astrology is a tool to get solution for our daily problems. Astrology’s purpose is consultation, guidance and assistance, to clarify fellowman situation in the daily reality, in order to able to do the right steps in the decision making process. The stars incline but do not impel, and we should always remember the principal of the Free Will.



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