The New Era in Trader Mind Training

“You sit down comfortably, don the electrical headgear, flip a switch, close
your eyes and sink into a state of what seems like deep relaxation. A half
hour later, as you turn off the machine, you feel extremely alert and lucid.

Your brain is now functioning more effectively than it was before. Your
memory, both your ability to memorize new information and to recall
information you have already learned, has increased dramatically. Your
ability to focus and to solve problems has expanded. The speed with which
your brain cells pass messages among themselves has increased. In fact, many
of your brain cells have actually grown. A microscopic examination would
show that the brain cells have developed more dendrites, the branching
filaments that carry messages from one cell to another, and more synapses,
the junctures between the brain cells across which impulses are transmitted.
You are more intelligent than you were a half hour before. Such devices now
exist and are being used by increasing numbers of people.” So begins Michael
Hutchison’s high tech mind training book, Megabrain.

Startling New Brain Research

Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last two decades than in
all previous history, and the implications of the latest research are clear:
the human brain is far more powerful, with the potential for immensely
greater intelligence and peak performance than was ever before imagined. Many
scientists believe the brain that tiny 3 1/2 pounds of neural jelly composed
of 100 billion or so neurons, each single neuron an information specialist of
unimaginable efficiency, conceivably capable of carrying on several million
conversations at the same time, is our last frontier — the most mysterious
and complex structure in the universe.

As brain scientists debunked the previously held assumptions that the brain’s
operations were much like the nervous system (beyond conscious control), and
that every imaginable mental state was the result of electrical and chemical
activity, we now know that we can definitely ‘learn’ to produce the various
brainwaves completely at will and change them. In effect, we can alter and
control our own minds. The implications were almost beyond belief as
scientists discovered that through Biofeedback and Brainwave training we can
learn to trigger such specific brain states as problem solving, memory recall,
heightened physical and emotional abilities, as well as certain brainwave
states that alter such “involuntary” mechanisms as blood pressure, heart rate,
immune system etc. The applications of this line of brain research for
Trader performance have been nothing short of profound.

Behavioral Psychology Meets Online Trading

The recent boom in online trading with the advent of the personal computer,
has presented science with an unprecedented opportunity for Behavioral
Scientists to research and analyze the influence and consequences of mental,
emotional and physical behavior on financial decisions, investing and trading.
Interestingly, this particular area of interest has generated so much
attention it recently became known as Behavioral Finance.

Behavioral Finance is now beginning to see in Trader’s performance the
effects of the newest generation of high tech Mind Training, which Olympic
athletes and other elite achievers have relied on to expand their performance
for years. Today’s traders are the newest breed of worldclass peak performer
–Trading Athletes.

Even more appealing, newcomers to online trading are also discovering that
this new Mind Training can help level the trading playing field dramatically,
comparatively with seasoned Traders, since it is generally accepted that
trading is 80% mental and 20% method. Brett Steenbarger, PhD Professor of
Behavioral Science at SUNY and also a veteran Trader, makes an important
distinction about mind training in his June 2006 paper titled, Trading as a
Performance Sport , “Most trading psychology texts emphasize such techniques
as positive thinking and visualizations. These can be helpful, to be sure.
But to transform oneself as a trader, it is necessary to transform one’s
state of consciousness. Traders lose when their mind states interfere with
their natural processing of market data”.

High tech Mind Training can actually teach a Trader to “transform” his mind
state and thereby dramatically improve his trading performance. Mind Training
works by plugging people and showing them their brain’s activity LIVE, using
Biofeedback to accurately identify each “losing” trading behavior, habit, and
even unhelpful subconsciously held conditioned beliefs. Following this,
state of the art Brainwave Entrainment machines guide the Trader to create
the various brainwave states (states of consciousness) specific to achieving
whatever necessary “winning” trading behaviors are indicted. The overall goal
of a full-day of plugged-in Mind Training is to enable mastery of powerful
mental peak performance skills that a Trader can take home at the end of the
day and use forever. These skills are neither difficult nor time consuming
to learn or use, and the process is anything but boring!

High Tech Brainwave Training

Biofeedback with Brainwave training works directly to correct the various
specific “deadly trading behaviors” at the root of the poor trading
performance. For example, when Behavioral Finance research ascertained the
leading reasons why new traders fail at an alarmingly high rate, Biofeedback
with Brainwave training was the “A” Game for overcoming these five self-
saboteurs easily and quickly: Unrealistic Expectations, Lack of Patience,
Lack of Self Discipline, High Risk Aversion and Poor Training (the other most
important reason being Undercapitalization, which mind training can help
indirectly). High tech Mind Training is helpful in mastering such specific
mental skills as:

– Trading with far less stress, with authentic confidence and mental ease.
– Sticking to trading system with effortless discipline.
– Achieving freedom from the emotional win/lose roller coaster.
– Achieving states of prolonged mental sharpness together with heightened
states of physical calm during a trading session.
– Revealing and deprogramming a trader’s own individual subconscious self-
– Overcoming ego-centric conditioning.
– Overcoming fear of risk, failure, doubt, hesitation, and the most
overriding of all human fears – the fear of loss.

What is High Tech Mind Training Like?

Traders of all levels begin by simply experiencing firsthand how their
thoughts, self limiting behaviors and habits powerfully affect their trading
performance moment to moment.

Within minutes Traders learn the ease of achieving optimal trading brainwave
states completely at will, as a Live Biofeedback display (at right) helps
them realize precisely when they are in the elusive “Peak Performance Trading
Zone”, what it feels like, and why it is so critical to their trading in
terms of increased profits and capital preservation but also, just as
importantly, stress-free trading performance. To see this brainwave activity
display in vibrant color please visit:

Creating Specific Brainwave States for Achieving Trading Goals

As the above brainwave biofeedback spectrograph shows, real-time Biofeedback (
body) and Neurofeedback (brain) monitoring is as instructional as it is
compelling. Here we see Alpha brainwaves generated in 6 minutes using a
Brainwave Entrainment Mind Machine in a training session. Predominant brain
electrical activity in the 10 Hertz range, tells a Trader when alpha
brainwaves are being created, the optimal brainwave state for superlearning, “
in the zone trading”, among other things. Each brainwave state: Delta, Theta,
Alpha, Beta and Gamma has its own corresponding mind-state with
characteristics and abilities which are uniquely suited to various specific
mind training goals such as accelerated learning, behavior modification,
problem solving, memory enhancement, restorative sleep etc. For example,
assessing risk/reward trading parameters is best achieved in Beta brainwave
states whereas other elements of a trade’s execution are best achieved in
Alpha brainwave states. Professional Mind Training gives a Trader the learned
ability to optimize his trading performance by simply optimizing his brain
function suited to the task at hand.

Mind Training Pays Lasting Dividends

Trader, Rick Smith of Forex Advisor, who has made mind training an integral
part of his trading and Trader Training, humorously calls Biofeedback and
Brainwave Entrainment, “training wheels for the mind.” He adds, “Basically
you only need it until you can balance your mind-states yourself. Then it’s
like riding a bike, you never forget how.” Rick did his initial mind
training eight years ago but periodically, whenever he wants to achieve some
new goal to take him to his next level of excellence, he enjoys a day of ‘
plugged-in’ training. One of those levels of excellence was trading Live in
an online fishbowl every day for an entire year before a worldwide audience
of Traders, generating a 197% return characterized by trading consistency,
no big drawdowns, disciplined money management and freedom from stress – all
the hallmarks of a mentally well-trained Trader.

Professional Mind Training is neither hard nor costly and for after training
support there are also biofeedback monitors and personal mind machines
designed for home use. Mastered mind skills never leave you, which is
valuable for achieving any other self improvement goal in the future. With
the initial experienced guidance of a Professional Mind Trainer and the aid
of state of the art Mind Machines and the fascinating Biofeedback and
Neurofeedback of one’s own brain’s activity, Traders can master the powerful
brainwave states and mental skills that can take them directly to their
current trading performance goals and keep them growing as accomplished
Traders for life.


If you would like more information on various mind machines and other firsthand experiences please visit:

Patricia has over 20 years experience training the minds of financial professionals, world-class athletes, educators, corporate leaders and elite achievers in all fields of endeavor. After becoming an accomplished Trader herself six years ago, her private mind training practice has specialized in mind training for Financial Market Traders.

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