The Metamorphosis of Mobile Phones

The rage of mobile phones is spreading like a wildfire and everybody has been entrapped in its charm. The craze of mobile phones is so much that it doesn’t seem to wither away, thanks to the technological innovations that make this gadget better than what it was and thus the charm of new technology keeps on alluring the common folk. The mobile phones had been started as a mere tool for telecommunications and there was much a hype and hullabaloo regrading this device, when it was launched a decade back.

However, the present day mobile phone is pretty different from what it was a decade ago. Now this device is an amalgamation of numerous high end features and technologies that come together to form the gadget that is better know as a mobile phone in the present times. Like a digital camera and that too as good as 5 Mega Pixels could be there in a mobile phone. And in the contemporary world, if you can’t have a 5 mega Pixels camera in your mobile phone then you must be pleased with the standard 2 Mega Pixels camera that has become a common thing in any mid-high ranged mobile phone.

Other features that have become like an inevitable part in a normal phone are music player, Bluetooth, Global Positioning system, document viewer and so on. Plus, the modes of live entertainment like FM radio, calender, to do list, PIM functions etc are also available in these gadgets. So they are quite popular amongst the mobile phone freaks. The memory part in mobiles is great as well as they are equipped with an integrated memory as well as expandable memory. So, no matter how much data you have to store in a mobile phone, you can easily do so in the expandable memory of this device.

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