Mystical school at Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA

The story of the bewitchment of the Prophet is a fabricated Read complete article here It should also be noted that the story has not received unanimous acceptance from scholars. Some scholars from relatively early times have rejected the story. Thus Imam Abu Bakr al-Jassas (305-370 AH), one of the greatest hanafi scholars of the fourth century writes in his Ahkam al-Qur`an: This type of ahadith has been created by heretics who give importance to low-level people [by allowing the possibility that likes of Labid could cast a spell on the Prophet]. They are fabricated to falsify the miracles of the prophets and to create doubts in them and to show that there is no difference between miracles of the prophets and tricks of the magicians, all being of the same nature. It is probable that Darimi, Tirmidhi and Abu Da`ud also did not accept the story, since they do not mention it in their collections. It is unlikely that this is because they did not know the story, since the story was well known by the time of these scholars.

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