Superstitions and how man handles them

Superstitions and how man handles them

Superstitions are rampant in every part of the world in some form or the other. Whether it be a black cat crossing your path or a mirror breaking into shards bestowing 7 years of bad luck on you. A superstition is sometimes described as a credulous belief of man. However, it is not just a belief. The superstitions believed by a person reflect on his character traits and what his mental make up is.

From the days of lore, man has a tendency to accept what is convenient to him. This psychological trait has led to man fearing the unknown. The superstitions sometimes are extremely baseless as they are used to explain what man cannot explain away logically-FAILURE. It is true that nobody likes to fail. But that is not reason enough to cook up a story to supposedly explain a stint of hard times.

However a few superstitions are so ridiculous that they can be explained using simple common sense. For example, a person is advised not to walk under a ladder. This advice is so ridiculous. The only bad luck that can happen is the ladder breaking and falling on you. However, it is nothing but a safety precaution as the ladder can break with or without you under it!

Another superstition is that finding a four leaf clover is supposed to bring luck. However, the four-leaf clovers are so rare that one needs to possess a lot of luck to even be able to find them.

Sneezing was supposed to bring bad luck. It was believed that the soul of a man escaped him in the brief moment when he sneezed. This belief led to the usage of the phrase “Bless you,” said to a man when he sneezes. However, modern science has revealed to us that the soul remains very much inside when a man sneezes!

A few superstitions may be a little harder to explain but as time goes on, we might be able to diagnose the story behind them. Until then, man has to look for more logical reasons behind his failure to complete a certain work. Therefore, we can conclude that superstitions are just a story with a wide audience.

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