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The Spring Awakening play is an award-winning musical whose music has been given by Duncan Sheik, whereas the book and the lyrics have been given by Steven Sater. This musical is an adaptation of the much controversial German play by frank Wedekind of the same name in 1891. The director for this production is Michael Mayer, whereas Bill T. Jones has choreographed it. The musical as been given a personal touch that is evident when the characters express their emotions directly to the audience.
It spans seven years and several workshops and concerts are held annually. It debuted at the Atlantic Theatre Company in May 2006 and was closed in August of the same year. They premiered in the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in December 2006 and got several encouraging reviews. In fact it was a huge success and bagged eleven Tony nominations the very first year, amongst which it won eight in total. In addition it also bagged four Drama Desk Awards which included the award for the most outstanding musical.
The spring awakening theatre play has been differently as compared to the book. Several scenes have been added and have been phrased in a different manner. Some of the characters have also been added. As far as the play is concerned the character of Moritz is disliked by all children except Melchior and Hanschen. The boys claim that Moritz is weird and hope for him to get in real trouble. The method employed by Moritz is also in constant discussion amongst them whereas in the musical the character of Moritz is liked by all the children and they are happy to interact with him. Not only that but they are also sad when he passes away. The other difference is that in the play Moritz’s father does not cry at his funeral but sobs uncontrollably in the musical.
Apart from that in the play Moritz’s ghost tries its utmost to convince Melchior to commit suicide but is stopped by the Masked Man whereas in the musical Melchior decides to commit suicide by himself and then sees Moritz’s ghost who convince him against committing suicide. A U.S. National Tour has been planned to open in 2008 at the Curran Theatre in California. It is going to be one of the first major productions of the Spring Awakening in Los Angeles in several years. The play premeried in September of 2007 and ran till October of the same year. The main cast features Kalesperis, Wyatt Fenner, Abbie Cobb, Blake Lee and Matthew Scott to name a few.
The Australian production of spring awakening theater has been scheduled for release in 2008 at the venue of London. Further an official announcement has been made by the producers of the show regarding the license of all the other productions in countries like Israel, Germany, Austria, Spain, Japan, France, Netherlands, and South Korea to name a few. Other than that this play has been translated not only in Hebrew, German, Spanish and Japanese but also in French, Korean and Dutch in the coming years.
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