Question by Hunter’s_Mommy:): Should my 16 month old be able to co these things yet?
1.should he be able to say more than mama ,dada,juice,and dog.
2.should he be able to color and not chew the crayon
3.should he be able to feed himself yet he will mostly in the moring with his spoon feed himself a few bites of cereal.
4.he seems to understand us but he does not do what we say is this ok
5.what kind of activities can i do with him cause its hard to get him to sit still and let me show him flash cards with letters or pictures he rather take them and tear or chew on them
6.he only takes on nap a day is that ok
7.he does sleep all night so not complaining there but how long should he sleep he will sleep 10 or more a new mom and i have no idea what he should or should not be able to do so if u can please tell me and give me some tips. can i get him to stop picking things up like fuzz or trash and eat them.
10.when should i start potty training he does pat his diaper some times when i ask if he has done the number 2 lol.

and mostly any tips and help u can offer me would be greatly appreciated cause im still learning just like him.i have no idea what to do with him or for him and what i should let him try so please please help me i really need it ive never been around small this is a world of mystery for me lol.:)

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Answer by elaeblue
1. boys often talk later than girls hes doing ok
2. no – he will still eat them for a while longer – well sometimes but not all the time
4. hes a boy lol he isnt gonna listen too well yet
5. count toys – talk about the color of the toys, the shapes of the toys
7. most kids this age sleep 10 to 12 hours a day including naps
8. you are doing fine!!!
9. just keep telling him not to do that- it takes a while
10. id wait on potty training for a while – lots of boys are not trained until age 3

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