Remember Well the 18 Taboos When Travel to Minority Region in China

The customs and taboos of minority represent its religious cultures and habits of civilization. If the tourists traveling to the minority region have some ideas about that, they can avoid troubles and reduce the misunderstandings for making your journey more smoothly.

1. Without permission, you can not touch the head or headwear of child, young monk and maiden.

2. Before entering the temple of Dai nationality or going upstairs of bamboo building of Dai, you need to take off your shoes.

3. When pass the night in the bamboo building of Dai, the direction of your feet should be toward the door, but your head faces the owner’s door, and you can’t step over the women’s feet.

4. When someone fills the bowl with rice for you, you should take hold of it with your two hands. When you fill the bowl for others, it can’t be full, nor be added a spoonful.

5. When you travel to Hui Autonomous Region or enter Muslim hotel, avoid talking about pork and saying the word of fat, usually using the strong in place of fat.

6. You can not touch and trample the national religious symbols.

7. Don’t present decorations to maidens.

8. Don’t enter the maternal or patients’ room.

9. You can not whistle or wear a straw hat in the house.

10. You can not knock a bowl with chopsticks or hit cats and dogs.

11. You must not sit with your back against the spirit tablet.

12. To participate in the festive activities of Tibetan people must first be presented hada.

13. When someone drinks a toast to you, you should drink a little although you don’t want to drink.

14. If you are adequate, but someone still fills your bowl, you can not say “nothing more” but “really enjoy the dinner”.

15. You can not sit in the middle of the threshold.

16. When the hostess of Bai nationality serves you the Three-course Tea, you must stand up and pick it up with your two hands.

17. Don’t give people of Wa nationality cayenne and egg.

18. You can not talk about what you dreamed of in the early morning.

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