Receiving Your Divine Messages

Have you ever imagined that you are receiving Divine messages and guidance all the time? That you are continually guided in everything that you do? Whether you realize it or not, you are consistently receiving Divine messages.

Maybe you doubt the validity of what I’m telling you. Maybe you’re asking why, if you are so Divinely guided, your life is so far from where you want it to be. Probably because you haven’t yet learned to listen.

The Divine messages are there for you, and they are always there. You are surrounded by guides and angels who love you and want the best for you. So how is that you can start hearing these messages? Start by paying attention. Usually we are so wrapped up in life that God Himself could knock and our door and we wouldn’t notice.

Divine messages are subtle. They may come through something you read, whispers, songs on the radio, inspired thoughts and actions, physical sensations, and unexpected phone calls. Practice building your awareness to what’s going on around you because Divine messages can be easy to miss.

So where do these Divine messages come from? There are a wide variety of sources, and they will more than likely come to you from a source that you are familiar with. If you’re Buddhist you might hear from a Bodhisattva or a Buddha. If you’re Christian, you might receive a Divine message from Guardian Angels or Jesus. Muslims might get Divine messages from Mohammed or Angels. Divine Messages for Catholics might come from Angels, Jesus, or Mary.

If you are Hindu you might receive your Divine messages from Kali or Krishna. If you are a pagan, your messages will come from the god or goddess that you feel closest to. If you are more generally spiritual your Divine messages will come from any source that you connect with, and could be associated with any religion. As you can see, all religions and spiritual beliefs have Divine messengers associated with them.

I want to take a moment to stress to you that Divine messages are always positive in nature. Sometimes we may have thoughts that we are not good enough or that bad things are coming to us. This is not a Divine message. These negative messages originate from your fears, not from any Divine source.

So what might these Divine messages look like? You might feel pulled to take a certain action. Some refer to this need to do something as being called. You might also turn on the radio and always hear a certain song that reminds you of someone or something that is meant to be in your life.

You might suddenly have a thought that someone or something is or isn’t right for you. This might be a class that you’ve been thinking about taking, a professional that you’ve been thinking about hiring, or a friend you’ve been thinking about calling. You might just have a gut feeling about a certain situation or action. These are all examples of how a Divine message might come to you.

So what do you do if you think you might be receiving a Divine message? You take action. The world won’t wait for you to make up your mind. That’s not to say that if you miss a Divine message about one opportunity that God would like you take that there won’t be other opportunities. There will always be other opportunities. However, you will reach the best version of your life faster if you learn to listen up.

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