Question by bj_osterhout: Mystic Tan VS Airbrush Tan ??
What is the difference between a Mystic Tan and a Airbrush tan?? Which one is better?? How long does it last and approx. how much does it cost? ..
I didn’t think spray tans were dangerous? I’m NOT using a tanning BED no way.. I’ve tried the lotions stuff and #1 – I’m not patient enough #2 – It doesn’t work #3 – I have really pale blotchy skin and want a professionals help with tone, color, etc..

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Answer by laxplaya1357
I would suggest not to use a tan booth…I don’t want to sound like OMG YOUR GONNA DIE USING THAt…cuz honestly…I don’t think you will, but I found a GREAT lotion that is safe..easy..and not costly, its called.. Jergens – natural glow daily moisturizer! I lvoe it and its works great…like last spring break everyone thought i was so tan..BEFORE i went on vacation…you should use it everyday for about a week…and it will look great, even using it 2 days works! it also costs maybe like 3 dollars or somethign.

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