Question by Waterboy: Has the world been conquered yet?
I’m a 24 year old guy, and I recently inherited enough money to do almost anything I want. And I want adventure, true, raw adventure. It seems impossible to me that every bit of our planet has been discovered, examined, and had the mystery sucked out of it. I want to experience something truly extraordinary, something you have to see to believe. I know none of you out there are going to have an exact answer, but I’m just looking for a starting point, I’m thinking maybe India, or Nepal?

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Answer by Kasandra
Go to Amazonia it is gorgeous there and scary (so I hear) It’s the one place in the world thats in earths most natural state. But be careful and do do it alone find some one who at least speaks protuguese to guide you or better someone who spaeks the native languages. Let me know about your adventures it is something I have dreamt of doing myself

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