Question by Chris: Physics in College… required?
I am currently a senior in High School in Texas and I am taking Physics. As a note, it isn’t a required course for me… the state legislature was too slow! But, I figured I’d take it since I assumed it was a pretty standard and typical requirement in college to have a physics course… well, now I am cringing at the thought. At the beginning of my senior year I had a 3.64 GPA, but for whatever reason I am having a very considerable level of difficulty with Physics. It is only the beginning of the year and I may be blowing this out of proportion, but I am extremely frustrated. On to my question.

Is a Physics course pretty standard for most colleges as a basic requirement? If so, how many minimal (year, two years?)?

Before, I had in mind working towards something in very likely in Economics, Political Science, Information Technology, or Engineering. I have a gut feeling this likely will end up being a considerable influence in the elimination of Engineering from that list.

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Answer by spriteremix05
Most schools don’t require you to take a science class like Physics. If they SPECIFY what science class you have to take (my school does not, but you have to take a certain number of science credits in classes of your choice) they mostly stick to bio and chem…

Good luck with physics!

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