Part 1 of 6: Learn the secrets of developing wealth, supreme mind power and longevity through the mysticism of Southern India. Sri Siva Brzee, a scholar-mystic from the ancient tradition of Southern India, explains “the secrets to manifesting wealth and abundance in every aspect of life. He states that “financial freedom gives a sense of safety, security, and above all, authenticity,” and is the first teacher of his tradition to travel and speak publicly in the West. Sri Siva Brzee holds degrees in Comparative Literature and English Literature, and is an accomplished professor and lecturer. Host is Pittsburgh Theosophical Society President Andy Nesky.
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I have combined eastern mysticism memes, alchemical symbols, western icons of medicine, science and progress. I drew further inspiration from Allen Watts, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, and the Tao of Physics. Rather than a narrative this series of impressions is intended to be hypnotic and induce an open luminous state of mind. ambient soundtrack: “Pink Sweater” by The Noisettes

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