Question by Gorgoroth: Jews – is a JEW or a ger allowed to study ANCIENT PAGAN or NEO-PAGAN mysticism and occultism?
well i am aware that the god of Israel is such a jealous deity that he can’t take it even when someone does something which may result in just a little honor to a different deity (as it said in the book of Exodus – “for haShem your god is a jealous god”)

but if i’ll except pagan teachings that doesn’t necessary mean that i except their gods and goddesses

can i at least study such religions as Thelma or Hermetism? how about wicca? Hasidic druidism? am i at least allowed to study New Age teachings?

i also want to note that i am only converting to Judaism and not yet a Jew
but i AM aware that non-Jews was also forbidden to worship other deities beside the god of Israel
in Kitsur Shulhan Aruh it’s said that reading pagan writings is forbidden
also it said that it is forbidden to take benefit from ANYTHING which may have to do something with avodah zarah
i see the knowledge i receive from them as a benefit
i don’t stufy it to know how to perfume certain practices
i study it for the knowledge

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Answer by AutumnMystick78
mysticism and occultism does not make any demands as to the worship of other deities. There are many orders that are ecclectic and do not require a deity at all. The true esoteric studies move beyind the idea of deity all together. (at least those worth the name)

As to the answer from the Jewish perspective I cannot speak on their behalf.

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