Question by Matt: Is meditation good medication for the effects of menstruation?
I understand it can be stressful, but my wife is always so angry when she’s on her period. Does meditation help mood swings? I don’t mind participating too. I already do yoga.

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Answer by Nitram
Just go out to the pub with your mates, that’s the best treatment


Well Rhianna, sometimes one can be too much of a “new man” and extricating oneself from a bad situation is often the wisest thing to do

I’m going to expand on my answer because of Rhianna’s comment about me. Don’t take this personally.

Psychotic women don’t know what it is like to live with themselves. The only thing you can do is to leave the situation before it gets out of hand. If you read a book it develops into screaming “you never talk to me”. If you try and talk “you always say that you b’tard”. If you goto your office the door crashes open and your computer winds up spread all over the floor. The police get involved because the neighbours don’t like women screaming and the guy gets arrested (always released no charges).

I use to have to drag my oak table and barricade the door to my office so she couldn’t get in, then put a pair of headphones on and listen to loud music to cover up the screaming.

3+1/2 weeks out of 4 fine, the other was totally nutty and you’re better out of it. Nothing helped. Of course in the end I just made her get her own place and leave when the police actually saw her in full flight and supported me for once.

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