Question by Jeffrey K: Is free will an illusion?
We feel as if we have free will but is it just an illusion?
Your body and brain are made of atoms which must obey Newton’s laws of motion, electromagnetism, and other laws of physics. You can not direct where atoms or groups of atoms go just by thinking about it. They will move according to the laws of physics. Your mind can not force them to violate physics. So every action must be deterministic.

If you consider quantum mechanics, atoms obey probabilistic laws. Your mind can not affect how a wave function collapses just by thinking about it. The collapse is completely random. So our actions are partly deterministic and partly random.
Where is there room for free will? How could your mind possibly control anything, even atoms or nerve impulses in your own brain?

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Answer by mggzer
I guess it depends on what you believe. Wow a paradox.

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