Question by Bryce: Is Digital Immortality, Mind Uploading or Consciousness Uploading and Artificial Intelligence possible.?
Also are they possible under the laws of physics.

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Answer by Uber_Dweeb123
It depends on how you would like to look at the scenario. In present day, no, such a thing is an impossibility and only lives in Science Fiction. However, as we progress with technology, it very well might be a possibility. One would have to ask though if such a thing would be considered taboo. Modern day scientists have already been working on a networked film of electrons that will sit just over the brain itself and pick up signals from the brain, allowing for the brain to control simple actions on a computer. One of the main issues with this is that the moment a brain cell comes into contact with anything non-organic or something lacking the correct proteins, the cell dies and rots away.

I would be hard-pressed to think that something like this ever might be considered “okay”. Humans are a very addictive race, and if you can simply live in a virtual reality, something akin to The Matrix, you would probably never experience actual physical contact again. I would even venture to guess that something along this lines would also be considered amoral. Compare it to bioengineering a human – making him stronger, faster, smarter, more beautiful, more athletic. Someone who is born with blue eyes and blond hair and is genetically programmed to become the next Albert Einstein / Paavo Nurmi / Johann Sebestian Bach all in one. Even fathoming the social repercussions of such an action is hard to do.

But, to answer your question, no. It is not possible to upload your consciousness into a computer and simply live forever, and nor will it probably ever be done. (NOTE: I did not say *won’t be* possible, just that it won’t be *done*).

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