Question by Little Red Riding Hood: In my dream me and my friend were shot in a mass shooting and then each one had a label with a number on it.?
I was number 16 and my friend was 17.It was like numbers showing the order in which we got shot and everyone had one.I had still consciousness but I felt I would soon pass out from blood loss.How should I interpret this?

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Answer by ugotthatright
Whether you saw it, heard it, or used it, any type of gun featured in your dream forecasts an injustice, either to you or to someone in your close circle, which you will have to fight hard to overcome. If you were hit buy a bullet, you’d better have a medical check-up. (if that part stood out in your dream) To remember numbers in your dream forecasts good luck ahead possibly connected with the dreamed number or some derivative or multiple of it.

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