Question by Lovely: I need the people who knows well about science (physics)?
I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this question. Two new terms from this session are escape velocity and orbital velocity. Orbital velocity is the velocity that is required to keep an object moving in a particular orbit. Orbital velocity changes depending on the distance from the Earth at which you want to have an object orbit.
Why is this true?

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Answer by Matt C
Because orbital velocity is related to centripetal force. To find orbital velocity you have to equate the force of gravity on the object and the centripetal force on the object. Both of these forces are dependant upon the radius (distance from the center of the body they are orbiting around) so the speed with which the object must move is also dependent upon the radius.

The equations:

Fg = Gm1m2/ r^2
Fc = m1 v^2 / r

setting them equal and cancelling

v^2 = Gm2 / r

v = sqrt (G*m2/ r)

so v will be proportional to 1 / sqrt(r)

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