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1.) The Hopi and Zuni Indians are known to have
crossed the Bering Strait to arrive in America
used irrigated water to make sun-baked bricks
met the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock
established a society in Newfoundland
2.) Which explorer proved the theory that the world was round?
Christopher Columbus
Ponce de Leon
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Ferdinand de Magellan
3.) Which is the MOST true of Puritan colonies?
The settlement at Plymouth Rock was assisted in planting, harvesting, and storing food by local Native Americans led by Pocahontas.
The Massachusetts Bay colony was founded by Puritans under the governorship of John Winthrop and Roger Williams.
Puritan colonies were models of religious tolerance by government.
Religion and government were tightly interwoven in both the Plymouth Rock and the Massachusetts colonies.
4.) Which statement is NOT true regarding religious tolerance in the new colonies?
Religious tolerance was a common denominator among the colonies.
Religious tolerance attracted both Catholics and Protestants to Maryland.
Religious tolerance was advertised with bargain land prices as an attraction to new settlers.
Puritan colonies connected religious observances with the right to vote.
5.) War between France and England was reflected in the New World by
Indian massacres against the French
refusal to wage war by colonists
vying for land and control by the French and English colonies
Bacon’s rebellion
6.) The basic problem that led to the Salem Witch Trials was?
the fears of a religiously-driven people
the existence of the threat of “bad” witches in New England
a deranged doctor who made a diagnosis of “bewitchment”
a populous frustrated by troubles at home and abroad
7.) The increasing prosperity of the New World colonies was primarily due to
mercantilism which brought a balance of trade
The Staple Act
The Navigation Act and the Molasses Act, making the mother country and the colonies rich
the inherent wealth of the land itself
8.) Which of the following is NOT true of the Albany Plan of Union?
It was drafted by Benjamin Franklin.
It was not enforced.
Delegates from the Iroquois Indians were present at the document’s drafting.
Delegates from all 13 colonies met with a royal British governor to draft the Plan
9.) The French and Indian War (also known as the Seven Years’ War) was a conflict over
territorial expansion
Indian rights
colonial currency
10.) Which of the following is NOT one of the Acts of the 1760’s that incensed colonists by the lack of representation behind the legislation?
Quartering Act
Townsend Acts
Staple Act
Stamp Act

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Answer by EMW
1. b.
2. d.
4. a.
5. c.
6. a.
7. c.
8. d.
9. a
10. c

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