Question by Alec: I beg for any comment on this little essay of mine.?
№ 1. About infinity.

There can be nothing in the world if there is no object. If we have an object, we are bound to have infinity. The world is infinitely enlargeable and infinitely divisible. Multiply the world you know a billion times, then multiply the result a billion times. Where is that end? Don’t think it’s a stupid question. WHERE IS THAT END?

That’s why the very essence of the world is superhuman. We are more than ants, but we are not SO much more, because both our species are opposed to infinity not as a distance, but as a notion.

This stuff is as simple as can be, it’s under everybody’s nose, but nobody cares.

More than this you know there’s nothing (Bryan Ferry).
The mind wants the world to be clear to someone, but God would have to live in infinity too.

№ 2. The meaning of life.

The meaning of life is pleasure, because if there is another meaning to life, what is in it for you? Isn’t it what all we carbon beings are trying to do, derive pleasure from life?

№ 3. About what you have done.

Guilt is stupid, so is regret. Everything is predestined, that’s why the future is predicted so bloody often. Horoscopy is about predicting the future too.

You may say that certain things are predestined, and certain ones are not. But we know that all things are interconnected, so how can one appear without the other?

Everything is firmly set in the infinity of time behind us and in front of us. Those who tried to invent an eternal engine forgot that it would have to be an enclosed system, while we live in infinity, powered by movement that comes from nowhere.

Every movement in the infinitely divisible matter is predestined since the day it all started rolling, which day never happened.

This makes the idea of a sin and the pursuing heaven or hell absurd. It means that everybody is innocent. People who go to jail are innocent. Those who jail them are innocent too. The firing squad consists of innocent men. Pinochet was innocent. We think we move things, but we are just puppets with miner’s picks. This stuff should somehow be taken into consideration.

It also means that nothing in the world is casual. Every direction you take to pee is firmly set in the past and will have inevitable consequences.

Try to behave, but never give a damn for the past. Say “I didn’t do it. God did it for me”.

№ 4. About happiness.

The world is infinite, and it may have infinitely different impacts on you. On the other hand, you are not infinity, you have certain traits of character, with which you were born and with which you will die. So the happy way to live life is to let the Universe have a direct impact on you. If you are wearing a mask, how do you REALLY know it is the right one? If you are wandering in the chaos of ideas, how do you really know which ones suit YOU? Show yourself, your every feeling.

You say that if you show yourself, you will loose your job. Are you so sure that you need it and that you can find no other place under the sun?

Not only will showing yourself give way to your thinking, it will mobilize your other resources, of which you probably don’t know.

№ 5. About possibilities.

Everything is possible but the absence of space, time and images.

№ 6. About sin.

Nothing that doesn’t hurt you or your neighbour is a sin.

№ 7. About forgiveness.

If they slap you, turn the other cheek. If they kill you, let them kill you once again.

№ 8. Against suicides.

You want to kill yourself, because you have made an unfavourable judgement against yourself. But do you want to kill the judge?

№ 9. About shit.

The world is full to the brims with people I call shit. If shit can hurt you physically, then you should beware. If it cannot, then you should remember that it only deserves a shitty relationship.

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Answer by Ronin
I was going to work with the 1st 2, but this is way too much crap, no thanx

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