How to Transmute Sexual Energy to Help You Think and Grow Rich

To transmute means, in simple terms, to transfer or re-divert energy. In the context of sex being transmuted it means to transfer all energy that is wasted on thoughts and impulses that are governed by sex and not just the physical side to sex. It is the emotion of sex and its energy which when controlled can be used as strengths, and be focused on more productive activities.

When people harness the thoughts that drive them such as sexual desire they can learn to become more creative, develop their imagination and strengthen their will power. No matter what profession or service a person is involved in, all can benefit from this process. It takes a determined character for it to work because sexual desire is a natural emotion and so it should not just be suppressed or the energy may find a less desirable outlet. However, if it is expressed in a creative way it can enrich a persons mind.

It has been shown through scientific research that many successful people have very sexually driven minds. This is partially due to their ability to transmute their sexual energy and channel energy which would normally be wasted, towards more creative outlets. There are other stimuli that help the mind to be more creative and productive. Some may be seen as bad influences to people but that is really only if they overindulge in them. There is sex expression, love, desire for fame and fortune, friendships, fear and drugs, alcohol just to name a few. Sex expression can be seen as the more powerful because of its intensity and the way it forces thoughts to be put into action.

To transmute sexual energy takes will power and a different attitude to the subject of sex. Now that sex is not so much of a taboo subject, having a highly sexed personality is not seen as a bad thing and can be looked on positively. Sex emotion can only been seen in this way if it is used cleverly and not too often. Too much stimulation will have a destructive affect and take the fight out of a person.

If the sex is combined with love then the potential for a really productive period will be greater. When a person is motivated by love and the need to please their partner for extra reasons other than just sex then they will have the potential to achieve even more. Love sex and romance when combined allow people to discover things about themselves, giving them confidence and pushing the limits of their abilities.

Sex emotion can also be destructive if mixed with negative emotions such as jealousy. This has the potential to break people and take away all their motivation in life. Jealousy, along with other negative emotions, needs to be controlled especially in relation to sexual energy. This control comes through learning how to transmute sex energy.

You need to recognise love wherever you may see it. You can tell by a person’s face and their manner whether they are in love or not. Love brings out the artistic nature in people and stimulates minds to the limit. For people that cannot fall in love there is less chance of fulfilling potential. Others may have lost love. In these cases they must embrace what they had and remember that love comes and goes so channel its energy effectively even after it has gone.

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