How To Avoid Tree Damage in Storms

It’s a scene that is all too familiar to those who live in South East Queensland: Tree branches littering the landscaping of a home after a fierce summer storm, often leaving tremendous damages in their wake.

Nobody wants to deal with such a situation, and many don’t realize that there are ways to minimize this eventuality. Through tree pruning, tree removal and other techniques, you can lessen the chances of incurring serious storm damage.

An Expensive Lesson To Learn

All too often, homeowners in and around the greater Brisbane area shrug off the importance of keeping their trees in manageable shape. Quite often, property owners can think that a tree looks okay to withstand the elements.

When a major storm rolls through, causing huge branches to snap off and come crashing down onto carports and other structures, those same homeowners wonder what on earth they were thinking.

As aggravating as it may be, it is critical to take a close look at the trees on your property to assess whether they will cause major headaches for you if a storm passes through. If you’re unsure about how to tell, it is best to call in professionals to take a look.

Keeping Trees Under Control

Trees make lovely additions to the landscaping of any home, and many homeowners are justifiably proud of the large trees that dot their yards. However, simply allowing those trees to grow at their own leisure is not a smart move.

With a tiny bit of planning and prevention, you can avoid major catastrophes when – and if – a huge storm wreaks havoc on your neighborhood. The fact is that removing trees that are weak or dying and pruning back those that are dangerous or damaged can prevent injury or damage later on.

While your neighbors spend hundreds of dollars making repairs to their homes after a summer storm, you will rest easy in the knowledge that the trees in your yard have been maintained and that they haven’t caused any damages whatsoever.

Cleaning Up

Of course, even the best planning doesn’t always pan out. In the unfortunate event that trees on your property should cause any damage during a storm then cleaning up can be very time and labor consuming. Since so many of us simply don’t have the time – or the means – to do it efficiently, it is usually best to hire professionals to handle the situation.

After cleaning up the mess, such a company can then assess the remaining trees and perform pruning and tree removals as needed to ensure that your yard is as safe as possible.

By continually keeping this maintenance up, you can lessen the chances of incurring major damages down the road and can make your landscaping more attractive, too.

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