Guide to skill up the Herbalism and Alchemy

Many friends of mine who are new to WOW always ask me which profession is much helpful to their class or easy on earning money.

Here, I’d like to talk sth about my professions, Im a mage, talent is arcane ,my professions are Herbalism and Alchemy ,I think gathering skills are fit for the new comers, coz they help them achieving much money in a short time(if you are diligent enough). And I also would like to tell you how to get your alchemy skill up from 0 to 375 and how many herbs you need to gather. The following guide will show you the details.

First, you need to find an alchemy trainer. You can ask a guard in a big city to find a trainer if you’re lost. You don’t need any special equipment or devices beyond the required reagents. Alchemy always requires flasks to make potions. There are four flasks: Empty, Leaded, Crystal, and Imbued.

Gathering herbs need time,just do it,it supplies you the materials of making potions(so I said,if you want to learn Alchemy, Herbalism is a good partner,coz it saves you a lot of wow gold from buying the herbs from other players.)

  Here is the details of how much herbs you need of skill up from 1 to 375.

Minor healing potions(1×Peacebloom,1×Sliverleaf,1×Empty Vial) ×60


Lesser Healing Potion(1×Minor Healing Potion,1×Briarthorn) ×50


Healing Potion(1×Bruiseweed,1×Briarthorn,1×Leaded Vial) ×30


Lesser Mana Potion(1×Mageroyal,1×Stranglekelp,1×Leaded Vial) ×15


Greater Healing Potion(1×liferoot,1×Kingsblood,1×Leaded Vial) ×30


Elixir of Agility(1×Stranglekelp,1×Goldthom,1×Leaded Vial) ×25


Elixir of Greater Defence(1×Steelbloom,1×Goldthom,1×Leaded Vial) ×5


Superior Healing Potion(1×Steelbloom,1×Goldthom,1×Leaded Vial) ×5


Elixir of Detect Undead(1×Arthas’Tears,1×Crystal Vial) ×20


Elixir of Greater Agility(1×Sungrass,1×Goldthom,1×Crystal Vial) ×15


Superior Mana Potion(2×Sungrass,2×Blindweed,1×Crystal Vial) ×20

Approximate Materials Required:



60×Empty Vial



80×Leaded Vial








15×Khadgar’s Whisker

90×Crystal Vial



40×Golden Sansam

40×Mountain Silversage

Volatile Healing Potion (1×Golden Sansam,1×Felweed,1×Imbued Vial) ×20

N.B You can make Major Mana Potions up to this point if you prefer,you’ll need to make about 25though.


Sneaking potion(2×Ragveil,1×Felweed,1×Imbued Vial) ×20


Super Healing Potion(2×Dreaming Glory,1×Felweed,1×Imbued Vial) ×20

351-375(There are many ways to go about leveling your skill from 300 to 375 in terms of what you can make. I recommend progressing as follows: Volatile Healing Potion, Sneaking Potion, Super Healing Potion, then finally Major Dreamless Sleep Potion.)

Major Dreamless Sleep Potion (1×Dreaming Glory,1×Nightmare Vine,1×Imbued Vial,) ×40

Goes green at 370,but it’s easier to skill up on this,now that it’s in the game,than use low drop rate recipes or faction rewards.

Can be bought from leeli Longhaggle in Allerian Stronghold (Terokkar Forest)for Alliance and from Daga Ramba in Thunderlord Stronghold (Blade’s Edge Mountains)for Horde players.

Approximate Materials Required

20×Golden Sansam


100×Imbued Vial


80×Dreaming Glory

40×Nightmare Vine


Keep the herbs you gathered hardly in your bank, make them into potions, You can sell potions to other players. Build a stack of potions then figure out a good price for them. You may have to experiment with the prices until you reach the right price. Inform players about the benefits of your potions and why they should want to buy them. Some potions will be more popular than others. Everyone likes healing potions! Or sell your potions in the auction house.Alchemy is useful to all character classes. Melee fighters can use alchemy to create buff and healing potions. Spell casting classes can use alchemy to create mana potions and related buffs. Alchemy is a fun Profession where you can create potions for yourself, sell them to others, or give them to your party members and friends. Alchemists are well loved when they hand out potions. So if you are a new comers I think Herbalism and Alchemy are really a good choice.


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