Get Fortunate With Custom Fortune Cookie

Fortune cookies have always fascinated us and sometimes we used to wonder what significance they have. In ancient times, China used to make predictions through them by putting a customized message for a person. Well, a custom fortune cookie is one by which you get to know you future and eat it too! These are very popular not only in Oriental but western countries also.

Originally custom fortune cookie is from China and was presented as a delicacy to guests after the meal. It was considered to be very treasured prediction as not many people were lucky to get predictions from it. These cookies were related to auspicious and were an integral part of significant occasion of many households. Basically, a custom fortune cookie carries a message that is based on Chinese astrology and was given utmost importance because it was used as a fortune teller in ancient times. Traditionally a custom fortune cookie was made from flour, eggs and cane sugar but these days, people have become more conscious of their health. Hence, cookie manufacturers are replacing egg and cane sugar with other low calorie ingredients. But the purpose remains unbeatable—to get future predicted.

You can taste custom fortune cookie in almost every restaurant that you are visiting, in fact, these days, many of the industrial, commercial and private enterprises order these cookies to keep their workforce happy. Well, you can choose from a variety of custom fortune cookie according to your planned events and clients. You can have them all from colored messages, logo messages, or special wrappers, you just name it and you will get it. The purpose behind custom fortune cookie is to predict future for everyone and moreover, it is a cookie that you can eat it too! What a way to have a future that gives you a chance for a good fortune and a cookie as well. The custom fortune cookie is made in various flavors and sizes. You can additionally, get your custom fortune cookie in flavors, such as chocolate, cherry, orange, raspberry, strawberry, lemon, cappuccino, fruit punch, coconut and mint. In addition, you can also order custom fortune cookie dipped in chocolate and vanilla flavors. And to add up that extra touch, you can have decorated custom fortune cookie in beaded, laced and sprinkled decorations.

With the revolution of information technology and coming of internet services, it has become easy to shop online. Many of the fortune cookie manufacturers are selling custom fortune cookie to their clients. Now you can order custom fortune cookie from various vendors that offer products in a variety of flavors and sizes. The custom fortune cookie can be bought in as flat cookies in traditional sizes. Well, if you believe in getting predictions from custom fortune cookie then you can have them at a click of a mouse. Moreover, you can put your customized message in a custom fortune cookie for occasions like advertising, promotions, business, appreciations, birthdays, proposals, weddings, anniversaries and invitations. So hurry up and light up your fortune with custom fortune cookie available for every occasion.

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