Question by Peqo: first time mystic tanning?
do you need to purchase tanning lotion to get a mystic tan (to help you when you’re mystic tanning)?
do you have to pay for the lotion they give you to put on your fingernails and hands and feet?
do you put this lotion all over your body or just your hands and feet?
it’s my first time mystic tanning…please give me some pointers. how long does it last etc…I have medium skin there a specific color I have to ask for…are there levels of darkness?
do you stand there with a bikini or naked or what?
thank you!

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Answer by thewordsicantsay
No you just pay for the stuff that is making you tan, usually like .
No you don’t pay for the lotion you put on your hands and feet and you do not put it all over your body.
It lasts about a week, depending how much you shower.
There are usually 3 different levels you can get, I would ask the employee which one would suit you best.
You stand their naked, its not like anyone sees. If you wore a bathing suit it would get covered in tan lol.

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