Engrossing “Last Exorcism” stumbles at end
Demonic possession goes the shaky, hand-held camera route in “The Last Exorcism,” a backwoods psychological thriller delivered faux-documentary-style, with mixed results. Call it the Linda Blair Witch Project.
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Trembling Before God and the Handheld in The Last Exorcism
With a small, well-chosen cast, sly script, and slippery, ambivalent characters, The Last Exorcism gives a welcome titty-twist to the demonic-possession movie revival. A fourth-generation minister, Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian), of Baton Rouge’s Church of St. Mark was groomed for …
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Marshall Fine: HuffPost Review: The Last Exorcism
I cautiously invoke the spirit of The Blair Witch Project to discuss The Last Exorcism, as taut and economical a horror film as I’ve seen…
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