Question by ραλπθ: Do you really need to know physics as a computer science major?
Some universities require three calculus based physics and I’m desperately trying to get out of it. UC’s such as UCLA and UC San Diego, gladly berkeley doesn’t so I can still apply there and other UC’s. I’ve taken AP Physics before and the subjects gets really hard after awhile.

What are the pros and cons of not taking physics and just go for the chemistry series? I feel like I have a better chance of getting an ‘A’ in chemistry and be able to maintain a good gpa for berkeley.
i like math and i plan to make up to differential equations. i just dont want to take it same time with calculus based physics. its going to be hard.

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Answer by cabbage
you don’t need physics at all, but there’s lots of advanced and different kinds of math in physics. especially calculus based physics, and the broader your knowledge in math is, the better you’ll be as a computer scientist.

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