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Do not Compare your Religion

Do not compare your religion.

Dalip Singh Wasan. Advocate.

Everyman on this earth has taken his birth and he had got the same religion to which his parents had been belonging. The man on this earth has got no choice in selecting a religion. There had been instances when some people had to change their religion under force from the state side and there had been very rare chances when a man had changed his religion and adopted another religion. There are people who say that they do not believe in the existence of God and therefore, they say that they are not falling in list of any religion on this earth, but they are misleading us. actually, they too belong to a religion in which they had taken their birth and they are counted in that list.

There are religious books and there are religious places and we are seeing that people of those religions are collecting there and they are listening to the religious discourses and they are performing religious discourses and religious ceremonies and rites. The world is divided on he basis of religions. There are some major religions like Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and there are so many sub religions and the people had been adopting their own way of life as per principles of those religions in which they had been taking their birth. They are speaking different languages, they have got different lifestyle, different way of saluting each other, different methods of marriage and divorce, different style of wearing on clothes and different items of eating and cooking in the kitchen. It is also on record that the people in these religions had not been having peace amongst each other, rather there had been instances when they were fighting against each other. The whole history of this man on this earth had been spent in wars and infightings and most of the wars and the fighting had been against one and another religion. The whole history of this man on this earth had been written with the blood of this man and that is the reason a bad smell is coming out of the history books.

There had been occasions when people of one group had been forcing the people of another religion to convert and they had been forced to covert. There had been occasions when people of one religion had been demolishing religious places of the other religions and they had been constructing religious places of their own religions on those places just to establish that their religion is more powerful and more near to God. The people who had been killing people of other religions had been declaring themselves as brave people and they had been claiming that they shall go to God and shall be given Heaven and the people who had been killed were called martyrs and it had been said and believed that such martyrs shall get place in Heaven. These had been the beliefs in the past and these beliefs are still alive in us and we are not joining because of our different religions and this world shall remain divided on the basis of religions. If there is another world war, that shall be between two religions and one religion shall try that the people of the other religion should die or they should convert. So we must admit that religions could not play a useful role in the life of this man and therefore, we should not try to compare our religion with religions of other and we should also not to try and establish that our religion is better than the other. All the religions are telling us the same principles and there is no difference and the difference is only in names and style of living because all the religions had been taking their birth at different places and at different times.


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