Question by hint hint: Canadian highschools? science related classes?
In my freshmen year of highschool every grade 10 had to pass science 10 in order to be able to branch into chem 20, bio 20, or physics 20. Im wondering if i should take all three or just pick two? what is better? is the workload hard?

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Answer by Hummer T
I’m going to be a junior (grade 11) in about three weeks, starting September 6. I took all three science courses, physics, biology, and chemistry. I also took other challenging courses on top of that as I would like to go into medicine in university. What I would advise is, if you enjoy the physics unit in grade 10, take the course. Otherwise do not as I hear it is quite a stressful course and you do not want it to bring down your average since Junior year is very very important in terms of university admissions. The same goes with biology and chemistry although I’ve heard biology is really quite simple, all you have to do is study. Good luck! 🙂

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