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BMX Bike Show Features for Corporate Entertainment

Those seeking corporate entertainment can now search a new venue by way of BMX bicycle stunt shows. Not a common portal for the corporate entertainment field, this newer facet is quite versatile allowing for the best shows to be performed during fairs, public events, private parties, fundraisers, conventions, and many other corporate functions. What sets BMX stunt shows apart from any other type of show is that there is an element of dare devilry, as these stunts can be quite amazing, and there is a new action put into the corporate world that is hard to pass up.

As potential prospects and clients see that you have a knack for flair and providing the best show, they will be very interested in getting you on their side. What is better than someone that can leave a life-long impression with a crowd of hundreds, maybe even thousands? If you can book the best show, give a special interest to BMX stunt show ideas that could create the best show of the century.

You will now have competition in getting the best as some of the largest corporations are seeking an event of the same stature, however, with the right team behind you, you can really shine. With these special BMX stunt shows, you will receive various features such as:

Various ramp stunts
Extreme sound system with up to 1,000 watts and two speakers
Complete stunt show set-up and take-down

You also receive several other features with the show including t-shirts and posters that you can opt to sell during the stunt show, as well as a generator that runs quietly for energy needs you may have and wish to handle without issue.

These BMX stunt shows are comprised of a team of professionals that are highly experienced and know several tricks and stunts that are sure to knock the crowd out of the park. What more could you ask for when seeking corporate entertainment?


Itson is a consultant for Satellite Sports Group and the BMX Pros Trick Team . We provide extreme bmx shows for corporate event entertainment.

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