Beautiful fucking Prog Death Beatus = Blessed Lyrics: Long lost hours locked in, drenched in fear Faint steps resound closer, impending pains to withstand All senses out to the debauchery, He will come secreting Eucharist again Black Robe, the veiled ogre, prayed his way to the fresh meat For the shepherd also dines on lamb and he bends for the frail and tender. Nightly taught in vice, housebroken with virtue, Tamed, humiliated, To God the souls, but the flesh he’ll takes care of… Magister, magister, dolorae inferis Magister, Magister, in caudae venenum est Magister, Magister ,caro mea vere est cibus. Torrente voluptatis Tuae potabis eos (He stalks the corridors, question which room he’ll sneak in Shivering puppies’ cringe, praying their turn has not come) Et clamor meus ad Te veniat (Hello, up there, I’m praying you!!! Have mercy upon us!) Pulling sheets overhead in hopes to be spared Exaudi meam, miserere nobis (Get me the fuck out of here!) Whence the evening came he brands his cattle for life After eons it is time to go All of them empty shells walking, overused toys To nowhere they march, martyrs of lust In the making, more martyrs of lust Until guns blow or creaking ropes swing Beatified carrions in betrayed faith (solo : Mathieu) (Solo : Patrick)

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