An Introduction to the Predictive Dialer Call Center Technology

If you have ever done your research about the Oracle Contact Center Anywhere call center solution, you may have heard about the Predictive Dialer call center technology which is a key feature of this call center software package. What do we need to know about Predictive Dialer call center technology then?

First of all, there are other contact center software out there which do use the predictive dialer technology too. Basically, a predictive dialer is used nowadays for various call center tasks such as collection of payments, confirming appointments, conducting surveys, and doing telemarketing (among others.) Predictive dialer works by accessing the list of phone numbers (each of which belongs to a specific prospect or contact) then proceeding to eliminate unanswered calls, busy signals encountered, calls answered by answering machines, and disconnected calls. At the same time, the Predictive Dialer Call Center Technology will be able to make a reasonable estimate when a human caller can take the call.

But Promero has a different Predictive Dialer Call Center Technology in use when you opt for their Oracle Contact Center Anywhere call center solution. This Predictive Dialer Call Center Technology has additional features that other call center software do not have, including the Do Not Call function; duration per ring; percentage of the Drop Call Rate; any frequently asked questions regarding how campaigns should be worded; the campaign-based out-pulse ANI; the Reporting predicting drop rate; and the real-time numbers regarding answer rate based on campaign used. Predictive Dialer technology is basically automation of the system so that multiple agents (or multiple users) can be connected to the same contact center infrastructure.

The main advantage of using the Oracle Contact Center Anywhere call center solution is so that agents need not scramble around looking for the next prospect or contact to call –which is particularly useful for the outbound call center tasks. With this call center technology, the contact center can deploy less agents with more outbound calls assigned per agent. This smart technology permits outbound phone numbers to be dialed in order to anticipate when a telemarketer (or contact center agent) is free to handle the call. It should be stressed that a Predictive Dialer differs from ordinary automatic phone dialers or preview dialers, since a Predictive Dialer is supposed to anticipate when a phone number should be dialed next so that the agent will have another call in queue for him to handle after he finishes his first marketing call.

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