Question by Deep Thought: A serious question for atheists about death (read details for question)?
We know the brain is made up matter and energy (our thoughts are made up of energy that can measured in the form of “brain waves”, and our brains emit electrical energy) This energy makes up our consciousness (at least I think most people can agree on that).

We know that energy is neither created or destroyed, but it is only changed from one state to another (see law of conservation of energy).

I have heard many atheists say that when we die we just die and we are gone. There is nothing of us left and no after life…our consciousness ceases to exist. So my question is this:

By what mechanics is a persons consciousness completely destroyed at death, and how do you “get around” the laws of conservation of energy?

Please note: I am not trying to convert anyone here, I am just curious if any of you have thought about this and reasoning.

Forgive if me if this question was already asked, I didn’t see it anywhere and maybe some didn’t get to answer it anyway.
Honestly, I just thought of this a half hour ago when I read someone’s question and it made me think about this.
Road Horse™ (Not To Be Cloned) – but in your answer you admit that it does go somewhere? Isn’t this a bit contradictory?
terafloo…interesting analogy, but we can retrieve data from a “broken” computer. Hmmm, I wonder if we’ll be able to retrieve thoughts from a “broken” brain someday 😉
The Reverend Soleil – LOL..well serve me up and call me a pork chop 🙂
Skepticat (UKB Operative) – so in a sense, we do continue on, even if we are worm food 🙂
vic91106 – hmmm, I wonder if it would be possible to measure the amount of energy the system that makes of the body brings into it, and then measure the amount of energy expelled. That would be interesting to see.
vic91106 – I’m in agreement. For those who are saying the energy does convert, in that eventually we rot and then the worms eat us, transferring energy to them. I thought about that, and that sounds good, but doesn’t quite work. The worms, and microorganisms break down the matter that is left behind (no longer receiving energy), and convert that to energy. At the point of our death there appears to be a sudden drop in energy contained within our body/brains. As for computer analogies, they are decent analogies, but the problem is we are alive, the computer is a machine (like comparing apples to oranges). So now I’m left to ponder exactly what life is…evidence suggests it isn’t merely a material thing, and it is apparently related to energy (some of which appears to be electrical energy)…pretty darn fascinating. I’m glad I asked this question 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Dumpling
When you die the electrical charges in your brain cease to happen.

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