Question by Loves her PFC: 10pts easy, AP Psychology: sensation, perception and consciousness?
who all was involved in discovering/making advances in the study of sensation, perception, and consciousness?

i have looked on wikipedia and google… 10 pts to anyone who has a good answer.

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Answer by laholly1
WOW! You are tackling a topic that has recently become enormously controversial. The cutting edge in mind/body conversations swirls around the rather defensible arguments (Dennett and others) that there is NO CONSCIOUSNESS. I have been grappling with this concept on an online discussion group recently. How can it be that there is no self that thinks, perceives, believes, has a sense of its “self?” But this is the current discussion, and you really will be eons ahead of your classmates and probably your teacher if you have some of this information to contribute.

Read this: (it’s in Time magazine, so it’s readable–not overly esoteric),9171,1580394,00.html

Go to this page and click on
A Universe of Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination

And this is a must for you

Here is a good timeline

and this…click on the first link and read about sensation and perception

That should give you a good start. If you need more information, go to
and read posts 143 to 160 for an interesting exchange of ideas

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