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Question by DresdonDollsFreak: WitchCraft?
I Am Trying To Explore The World Of Witchcraft But When I Try To Look It Up It Just Brings Up Stupid Websites Discount Spells And Phony Craft Could Someone Please Direct Me To A Website To Were I Can Be Exsposed To The Real World Of WitchCraft

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Answer by Blue
you would have better luck at a bookstore, library, or specialty shop.

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  1. go to a main library Lott’s of stuff in books.

  2. There is no “real world of witchcraft”! Like religion it exists only in the minds of weak people that can’t think for themselves!

  3. Most books on witch craft have been destroyed, we all know why.
    So anything you find now a days is going to be pretty much a scam.
    But I think I can help.
    You will have to go to old churches or universities, that have been around for centuries.
    And dig in the old archives, there is a problem with this though.
    They won’t just let anyone look at them.
    And anything worth looking at have been bought by private buyers long ago.
    Good luck on your quest.

    lol, not Scott Douglas Cunningham, this guy is the biggest scam artist of our time.
    He was hoped up on more LSD then the guys from the movie Easy Rider.
    SEE this is what I’m talking about.

  4. Listen to Blue. She has the best answer.


  5. I would stay well clear of witchcraft if I were you. I have been there, and it is nothing you want to have anything to do with.

    You will be dealing with things that can destroy you, for you do not control the powers you might gain, the owners of the powers (demons) control you. And once let in, they do not leave unless cast out by God.

    PLEASE, take it from someone who has been there, steer well clear of this.

  6. What sort of witchcraft are you looking to explore – African, South American, Native American, neoPaganist, Egyptian, Sumerian?

    What angle are you taking – are you trying to determine if magic and witchcraft are real or are you looking to explore the myths and legends?

    The more specific you are, the better your chances of arriving at a search result that will fit your needs. The research librarian at your local, city or state library will be able to offer you some guidance.

    This book is a good, general starting point – the information is not indepth per topic, but it gives a good spread of information: http://www.amazon.com/Encyclopedia-Witchcraft-Demonology-Russell-Robbins/dp/0517362457

  7. i would like to know what type of craft you are looking for too maybe look into the local pagan community also they would know more on it too..
    the one that mention that you would not control the power only the demands do he is full of it!! the only thing that he knows would be not worth knowing i would think.
    magic is! it is not good or bad that is the user that makes it good or bad not the energy as that is just.
    if you use the safe Gard then you will be fin in this would

  8. First of all, I know more than a few people who consider themselves witches. Many just say that to get a reaction out of people, but a couple are what I would actually consider witches. There is no such thing as “witchcraft”. The belief structure is usually based on wicca, occasionally one of the lesser known paths of paganism. Wicca and paganism are religions honoring 2 or more god/desses in which the act of prayer is physical as well as mental. Not all wiccans or pagans cast spells. For those that do, it is a very demanding practice, both mentally and physically (not for the casual practitioner). In the 10 years I have been pagan, I have only attempted to cast 2 or 3 “spells”. Each of those were well thought out, and narrowly focused.

    If you want to learn more about wicca and paganism, try http://www.witchvox.com. They have a pretty good library of articles about the different forms of paganism and how they are worshipped.

  9. You would be better to explore your Bible and see what God has to say on this subject. This path would separate you from all he has for you. Questions like these scare me, when I see someone so clueless to what they are asking. It is easier to get into than to get out of. Evita

  10. Witchcraft = The Craft of the Wise…
    I am more for books myself, you can start your journey with reading Scott Cunningham, this is recommended by most Witches I have been in contact with in here…
    Websites are not all that great I have found, but there are some really sensational ones out there too, you just have to be lucky and find them….
    witchvox.com will give you links to other sites and also it will give you shops and groups etc in your area….
    Happy searching….
    Blessed Be… )O(

  11. here are some sites with a little info. the best way to go though is to read some books but looking at these pages will let you know if you want to read the books…i guess


  12. http://www.witchvox.com is a great starting point. And a true witch has nothing to do with “evil” at all…ignore the ignorant and do what you will – learn. ☺

  13. witch craft is a tool with in paganism.
    Scott Cunningham is a good starting point. As is witchvox.com, paganspath.com, religous tolerance.
    Blessed be

  14. Which Craft is that?

    It’s a bad idea pursuing this one…..why not pursue something else?

  15. Do you always type in Title Case? That’s rather odd…

    As mentioned, websites (and books) will have some good info and some garbage. I used to have a number of good Pagan sites bookmarked but have lost that information. Witchvox has always had good info http://www.witchvox.com

    Scott Cunningham is a popular author and has written a number of books on Wicca and other subjects, Starhawk is a good author to read, Doreen Valiente, and even early Silver Ravenwolf (before she went too commercial and started selling spell books)…as well as many others.

    Witchcraft (the term) is used to refer sometimes to magick (energy work) or a particular pagan path. Not all witches use magick and not all magick practitioners are witches.

    Good luck in your quest. There’s a lot of interesting information out there, you just have to sift through it for yourself and find what has value and what does not.

  16. look for a botanica,
    don’t go on websites to look for that stuff you’ll most likely get

  17. I’m sure someone already said this, but look up WitchVox. That’s a good site. Also try beliefnet. Its a forum where you can ask questions and get some good answers.

  18. You can try looking up paganism or wicca (although not all witches are wiccan) and you should find some good sites.

  19. go to a pagan store..they have books and stuff….and u can tlak to the people there they r pagans and can help u.

  20. Go to an occult book store and get “Positive Magic”. It is very informative about many aspects of witchcraft. Good book. Worth the read!

  21. Its hard to find info on the web about witchcraft, without having to pay a bundle. There is one site I am a member of called http://www.witchvox.com. You do have to form an account to see the main topics, beleive systems and other things you may be interested in learning. It is free so there is no money needed. You can find local Witchcraft shops, groups, and people. This site I believe will help you greatly. I give you the best of luck to find what you need.

    Blessed Be

  22. Try typing theban script in google, if your looking for web based info it should only expose the more serous sites as most scammers dont even know what it is, but to be honest books are the best source, you can buy them in specialist stores or online even on amazon.

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