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Question by MilleniumFalcon: Will hypnotherapy remove my fear of blood and needles?
This has been my top fear since I have a conscience. I need help, I want to be able to take a blood test without that anxiety. I want to know if hypnotherapy really works and will it help me overcome this fear? Thanks!

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Answer by Barry
20% of people are highly suggestible; a similar amount moderately so. Around 20% are not suggestible. You could try the free hypnosis weblink, perhaps for memory improvement, to establish which type you are, but keep in mind that an experienced hypnotherapist is well versed in using hypnotic induction techniques, then deepeners: They rely on donations to keep the free service operating, so, if helped, kindly contribute a little.

Aichmophobia (Fear of Needles) It sometimes develops into a phobia, often from seeing a hypodermic needle as a child, before vaccinations/dental procedures, then experiencing pain, and coming to associate the sight of needles with pain; wanting to avoid the pain, resulting in the development of a phobia. Examine the and websites, and use the locators at and phone book (but only if necessary) to find a suitable therapist, preferably a clinical psychologist. Systematic Desensitisation Therapy is known to be an effective treatment.

I am informed that children are less likely to complain if they are given something sweet (it probably helps them get their mind off it). Some people ask to lie down for their shots. Others ask where it will be administered, and to be told just before, so that the person about to have the needle can smack that place, after which that tiny pinprick has considerably less effect: (the nerves which transmit pain have already started work, from over a considerable area, and the pain messages of the small additional amount of pain, from a very tiny area, tend to get flooded by the others).

Obviously this can’t be used for dental procedures, but you could explain your phobia, and ask that they touch the sites for the injections with a tool, and you could could jab them lightly with the top of a pen, or pencil, to desensitise yourself. It may help to look away, and think of something pleasant, and promise yourself a nice reward, once it is over. As someone who doesn’t like them, either; I consider that it is mostly the anticipation of pain, which is the problem, and once you take that away, by inflicting a little bit on yourself, the “shock value” is gone, in a similar way to how you can’t tickle yourself.

Read: “Overcoming Medical Phobias: How to Conquer Fear of Blood, Needles, Doctors, And Dentists”, by Martin M. Antony and Mark A., M.D. Watling (Paperback – Mar 3, 2006), from your bookstore, or also has various other media about overcoming fear of needles. Most people are suggestible, to some degree, so you could either seek professional hypnotherapy, or more along such lines is at about phobias.

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