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Question by Lyn Willow: Why won’t anyone give me a mystic jade in spirit tracks?
I ‘ve been playing te mini-games that are supposed to give mystic jade FOREVER. But the only thing anyone will ever give are palace dishes. i figure i have at least a 1/4 chance of getting one each time i play, but i only get the freaking palace dishes. does anyone have an idea on why this is happening, and how to fix it? or, better yet, a more effective way of getting a mystic jade?

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Answer by TONYA
The best way to get the Mystic Jade is to do the Goron mini-game. It’s located to the left of the Goron village. You can only get it by completing the first course by getting around/at least 1000 points, which, if you keep playing, isn’t that hard. Once you unlock the extended course, if you score around 2000 points, you are almost guaranteed a Mystic Jade in the smaller chest.
NOTE: treasure items are in the small chest, rupees in the gold one. I would reccomend getting the treasure items. They are worth way more than any of the rupee amounts.

Mystic Jades are worth 500 rupees at the Linebeck Trading Post.

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