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Why Most Corporate Diversity Programs Are Wrong-headed
The goal of most corporate diversity programs is simple: to increase the percentages of certain minorities in the overall employee pool to mirror the country as a whole.  It’s a misguided approach, even when it comes with programs designed to help retain minorities that have been hired. 
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HRO in the Cloud – Executive Interview: Titan Technology SVP
It’s not just an on-premise vs. cloud world for ERP applications. In the HR space, there are some other models in play that might make some IT and functional executives re-think new deployment…
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From the home front: A poignant look at the urban shift of one farm into a subdivision
Photographer Scott Strazzante documents the shift of a 118-acre farm from the home for one aging couple to a subdivision of houses for young families.
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EXCLUSIVE Q&A WITH LIVINGSOCIAL CEO: His Secret Plan For Building The Next Huge eCommerce Company
LivingSocial is the second biggest daily deal company out there, on pace to book 0 million in revenue this year, and yet, it feels like it’s flying under the radar.
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