Dec 122012

Question by Dimension: Why do so many idiots on here not understand science?
Someone on here mentioned time travel and said that if you travel back in time and changes things you create a new time line. That’s SCIENCE FICTION.

Real physics does not work like that.

Oh, and don’t get me started on evolution. The earth is not 6,000 years old. Evolution is not from Satan.

People here are completely ignorant. Read a science book. It’s called reading. Look into it.

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Answer by Uzma U
not everyone is good at everything

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  26 Responses to “Why do so many idiots on here not understand science?”

  1. cool story bro

  2. All I read there was “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

    …Umm, I don’t see anything backing up these assertions.

  3. Um, because this is the Religion and Spirituality section champ.

    Around these parts, half the people think the world is 6000 years old. You think they can understand the intricacies of space-time?

  4. To be fair they might not be good at critical thinking or science.

  5. Why do so many idiots on here not understand God?

  6. >Someone on here mentioned time travel and said that if you travel back in time and changes things you create a new time line. That’s SCIENCE FICTION.

    Man landing on the moon used to be science fiction. Just saying.

  7. I try to politely direct such people to the science section.

  8. i really dont think youre interested in why people dont understand science. i think you just came on here to rant. so you shouldnt mind that my answer is of no help.

  9. Simmer down now tiger! Its gonna be alright. We cant all be as smart as you now can we? Do you speak Russian? If not, does that make you stupid?

  10. For the same reason so many do not understand respect and tolerance. Sort of like you.

    It’s because there are many many people on this planet, people with all sorts of talents and gifts, people with different understandings and interests.

    Seriously, lower your nose a little, I hear it might rain.

  11. thanks for the reality check…not a lot of brain trust here for sure…too many drugs, kiddies and aliens?

  12. while i a gree with you, ranting and insulting people will only get your content deleted, it isn’t even a quiestion….

  13. Dear Sir or Lady: I know that if you ghost ride your bicycle no one will ever give credit for such awesomeness for what you did to your bicycle, to the mighty Holy Ghost.

  14. FREE POINTS!!! oh and yes, the theory of evolution is from satin, you can ask him when u get there. owned.

  15. Hey ,, I like science , I think it is great I watch as much of it as i CAN on tv. BUT , I don’t make a religion out of it. Science can and will not be our salvation.

  16. >Religion & Spirituality

    that’s why.

  17. do read and tell us

  18. Agreed there are a lot of morons on the net.

  19. Yeah or God and it’s the spiritual section, go figure.

  20. Youre being a bit ignorant since all the theories regarding space time are untested and unproven, so who are you to know? At least physicists accept that its theoretical physics, so should you.

    I agree with evolution, since there is credence and proof. Evolution is being promoted from theory to law now really, the geneticist at my uni I last spoke to was quite relieved about that.

    The problem is, you are lacking tolerance. You need to realise that genuine scientists keep a bit more tolerance for others opinions than you tend to. The reason for this is that an awful lot of peoples beliefs and theories can later be changed by new evidence which presents itself. So far, not a single piece of credible evidence has challenged evolution, but there is literally not enough for the time travel thing to say one way or the other. For all we know, the passage of time will be answered 100 years down the road in a ludicrous way by a man called brainfart, thus it ends up being brainfarts law and could be completely different to what we said. Many scientists have been ridiculed or disgraced when their previously widely accepted theories which seemed rational at the time are blown out of the water by applied physics disproving it or supporting another theory.

  21. Science is not all things to many people.

    However, I see that the concept of social grace is entirely lost on some idiots.

    Yes, that would be you.

  22. Someone’s got their cranky pants on today…

  23. Don’t get me started on evolution, the earth is not Billions of years old.

  24. I am not a believer. But your knowledge of science is no use as you sound uncivilized and uncultured.

  25. Yeah, uh huh. I’m a devout Catholic, and I’m fairly certain that, based on your question, I know far more about every conceivable subject than you do. No one likes leading questions. Please don’t direct your frustration at “Christians” and assume we’re all Fred Phelps.

  26. actually time travel is possible, (kind of) you can slow down time by going at the speed of light or close to it. and the idea for a time machine is already been made by bending light. so mabey in 100 years we might be able to see the dinosaurs.

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