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Question by the_ambusher: Why do religious folks believe their faith makes god’s existence absolutely true?
Faith may have nothing to do with absolute truth, It only opens the door to other beliefs. If your faith was absolute truth then you would have absolute proof, and that faith would be absolute fact not faith any longer. So what is the mystic about faith. Why is it held with such high feelings when faith does not in any way change any absolutes truths about anything. And sorry folks but this includes faith about god’s existence Just remember Beliefs are as good as it gets.

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Answer by Final Dexter
I hear the voice of a spirit that claims to be God.

There’s something to it.

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  1. Ignorance+Arrogance

  2. When I pray I feel better. thats all the proof I need dude

  3. Is this how God chooses to test us or is it because it is the only way to believe?

    The Faith that most people encounter with religion works on two levels. Firstly there is the feeling that everything is explained and is taken care of. There is little left to worry about. Secondly there is the reward/ punishment system that is used to reinforce the Faith. If you believe, good things will happen to you- paradise. If you doubt, bad things will happen- Hell.

    Does religion work without Faith? Many try to reason their religious convictions or try to prove the existence of God but in the end it comes down to Faith. It comes down to a belief in something without evidence.
    Simply put, Faith means belief or trust. Faith is a particular kind of belief. It is strong, it is often unwavering and it does not require proof or evidence. Most would agree that belief is Faith when it is quite strong and does not involve evidence or practical reasoning.
    Faith serves a purpose. It allows us to function when confronted by difficult situations. We believe what we need to believe in order to continue. It is a coping mechanism. It is not always for dire situations. It works for any idea or situation that troubles us. It comforts us when faced with the uncomfortable.

  4. God’s existence IS absolutely true. Our faith simply confirms it. Now then, since YOU believe everything in faith yourself, what makes YOUR faith abaolutely true? Show me your proof and I’ll show you mine!

  5. Allah(swt) leaves proof of His existince. He is all knowing. Natures laws itself is proof. Who else made it? Oh yea Allah(swt) did bcus He knows it all

  6. Wrong!

    Faith is back up with written evidence of the Word, and the world we live in today.

    What you cannot understand is YOUR eyes are closed.
    The question is…

    1.What is happening outside the Scientific world today.
    2.All proof is in His-Story = History
    3.Faith is a gift, from a promise made over 6000 years ago.
    4.Your gifted with the ability to see, hear, feel, touch and smell – attributes to you as a human, but there is also -
    5. Your soul = spirit
    6. And death.

    These are the bit YOU choose to ignore.

    Not me….

  7. Do you think you can change my mind with this question?
    absolutley not.
    If you knew how different, how good life can be when God is in your heart you would understand.
    and you wouldn’t be asking this question. but there is a huge difference. for sure. life with god is the best.. of course you don’t get it. you don’t have faith in God. Life with God changes. but in a good way. I wish you knew.. you would see that it is definatley worth it.

  8. Off topic a bit:
    Try reading the Coldfire Trilogy. Fictional series, but there’s an aspect in it (I think it comes up as early as the first book) that goes over the beliefs of a multitude of people, and how they alter reality. Won’t say much more than that, but religion is involved.

  9. It’s not only my faith that makes me believe it, but my existence.
    You might explain my existence biologically, and I can accept that because, scientifically, it makes logical sense. That is not what is at question, though. What is at question is why do I exist. Do I have a purpose other than procreation? If not, then I am no better than any other organism on Earth. If so, then you move from scientific to philosophical, and science can not explain that which it can not physically examine.
    Start with Descartes “I think, therefore, I am”. Take away thinking, and you have a whole bunch of questions that can never be answered, nor examined on the physical plane of existence. Therefore, as those questions can never be examined, neither can faith, because faith involves the same plane of existence as thought.

  10. It takes faith to reach GOD ,,, through JESUS ,, without faith we can not know GOD !!!

    This is the plan that GOD has set,, for us to know HIM ,,, no other way ,,,, no other way !!!!!

    The plan of salvation ,,, until a person has been redeemed by the blood and born of GODS SPIRIT we can not know GOD !!!

    This is why a person that is not born again does not understand !!!

    To know GOD is to ,,by faith,, believe GOD ,,,,,,,,,,


  11. God did not promise me an easy life here on earth. I was warned in the bible I will be prosecuted in the name of God those who are unbelievers. But I will say this to all of unbelievers. I have pick up the my cross, I will stay faithful I believe in the Lord Jesus, for he promised to be with me and to take me to be with Him forever.Jesus will come in power and glory, Christians will rise from the dead,
    For the unbelievers doubts is scary, when the lord Jesus comes you will call his name. but in life you never knew Him. As for me I ratter die in faith then die without Him.
    God bless

  12. We don’t. We believe that God’s existence makes our faith real and vital.

    But some of us are not content to believe. We have made the effort to find out for ourselves, and have had spiritual experiences that vindicate God’s teachings.

  13. I don’t believe my faith makes Him real. He makes Himself real. He doesn’t hear a sinner until they have a true repentant heart and really want salvation from the bottom of their heart. Their sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus. All knowledge is hid from you, because you reject Jesus as your personal savior. You eyes have been blinded by the truth because of your rebellion. He owes us nothing. But, we owe Him everything. When you are saved He reveals things to you as you grow in Him.But, if you don’t earnestly seek Him, don’t seek Him at all. If you can’t mean it with all your heart and soul, you are wasting your time. So make it count. Cry out to Jesus with a true and repentant heart. He will transform you like you have never known. It is an Awesome experience.

  14. You have it backwards. The Truth is that God is Truth and we believe the Truth which is absolute Truth. The Absolute Truth is God and we approach Him through His only Begotten Son Jesus the Christ as His Word says we should!

    We do not believe that God exists because we believe in Him but that He made us and revealed Himself to us while we were yet sinners. He came first not us.

  15. In any search for “truth”, you have to give fair consideration to all possibilities (even the ones that make you uncomfortable).

    You arbitrarily rule out the possibility of supernatural experience as personal proof. The Bible promises that if you seek God you will find Him. God has supernaturally, experientially revealed Himself to many Christians. I am certain God is true based not only on this experience, but on personal study that has demonstrated to me the reliability of Biblical testimony. I have furthermore never encountered any irrefutable science fact, logic or path of reason to undermine my confidence in the authority of the scriptures.

    I think God exists regardless of my faith or feelings. My inability to scientifically “prove” God is irrelevant to God’s existence. I know God is real, not because of science proof, but because of the experience of relationship with Him backed up by Biblical consistency with the available evidence (not proof). For me, the Bible represents the view most consistent with observed reality. As far as I am concerned, the burden of proof lies squarely on the shoulders of the doubters.

  16. Some people are more gullible than others.

  17. Your answers are from a heart that does not have Faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Faith is a gift from God and only from Him when it is wanted by the human. You can not EVER understand what faith is from God unless you Have IT.. It is beyond our understanding. It is a gift from God and His understanding only. No one can Love Jesus and worship Him with out Faith…so in Romans 10:17..faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God. Here is your starting position if you want to know what truth is and how God gives you absolute Truth in Faith. You have to read the Bible and want your own relationship with God…just you and Him. Thats how it works. Love you in Christ Love..missleslie

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