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Question by VS Prasad: Why did ancient Indians designated Moon as a planet?
Precession of earth’s axis: The Vedic seers came up
with the value of 25,870 years. How these ancient
people were able to make these calculations, however is
“as great a mystery as the origin of life itself”.

There are many texts like Khagola-shastra in ancient
India. The original findings of ancient India were:

(1) The calculation of occurrences of eclipses
(2) Determination of Earth’s circumference
(3) Theorizing about the theory of gravitation

(4) Determining that sun was a star and
determination of number of planets.

Aryabhata wrote that 1,582,237,500 rotations of the
Earth equal 57,753,336 lunar orbits. This is an
extremely accurate ratio of a fundamental astronomical
ratio (1,582,237,500/57,753,336 = 27.3964693572), and
is perhaps the oldest astronomical constant calculated
to such accuracy.

It is known to modern science that mass of any
satellite in our solar system is less than a 20th part
of the planet. In case of our moon, it is more than a
10th of the mass of earth. Such a case should be
designated as a ‘twin-planet system’. Such systems were
found around some other stars also. Our moon does not
rotate around the center of the earth. Both of them
rotate around a common geometric center determined by
the momentum of each.

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Answer by Saphire4
Because they were ignorant. There ideas were false not based on scientific evidence.

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  1. Thanks Mr. Prasad for these information.
    This is really great! I knew that our Vedic scientists were great but I did not know exactly how much great.

    There is enough logic to call moon as a planet instead of a satellite. Now it depends on the present day scientists. We may feel contended and sleep happily with our past achievements, the international forum needs present day achievements and more people like you to come ahead and lead us.

    See the following site to know present status -

  2. radio waves and the positron

  3. Nice review! This is truly the type of information that needs to be shared around the internet. Shame on the search engines for not ranking this article higher!

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