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Question by St. Toad: Which of these Spiritual Views is most accurate to you?
A. Reality is a canvas and each of us is a painter. The Divine conforms to the ideas we put out into the universe. As a result, all religious and spiritual ideas are true and valid.
B. Reality does not meet our expectations and we must discover what is true or false about our spiritual ideas.

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Answer by Gemma
A. Why? Because except for the “Divine” part, all of Choice A has already been proven by quantum physics. Every person literally and physically creates their reality with their thoughts and emotions. Without consciousness, there is no reality.

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  3 Responses to “Which of these Spiritual Views is most accurate to you?”

  1. A is okay. It requires responsibility for our actions and our lives.

  2. B. Except the first part is wrong. Reality makes sense to the human mind because the human mind was made for Truth and reality is part of the Truth.

    Therefore, our spiritual ideas should conform to the truth.

    Therefore, spirituality is absolute since it is based upon truth.

    Which explains why A is false. All ideas cannot be true and valid. It defies logic. It defies reality.

  3. What about C. – The state of our external ‘world’ is a mirror to our ‘inner world / state of being’. All those we are in relationships with are our mirrors and the best clue we have to discover who we are. In fact we are all the same being unconsciously viewing life from a different ‘point of view’. And the ‘Universal Law of Attraction’ works because of this.( What we ‘attract’ to us is really just our own beingness.)

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