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Question by Ha ha ha!: Where did the idea that crystals have some kind of mystic power come from?
I mean, yeah, they’re shiny, they’ve got some pretty neat geometrical features, and they’re rare, but does that really have any bearing on how well your day will go or how fast the cut you placed the stone next to will heal? The whole thing seems patently ridiculous to me and I’m surprised that people believe it without questioning it.

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Answer by Bong Hits 4 Jesus
Probably Nevada

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  1. I would say satan


  3. You’re surprised people believe things without question? Seriously?

  4. Final Fantasy.

  5. Silly pantheistic pagans. Mostly today it is being pushed by the pagans who are selling crystals.

  6. Feng Shui. Its an eastern belief. It doesn’t actually work as some spiritual object. People actually believe in it and when they do, it is like worshipping a dark angel or some evil spirit which brings their beliefs to manifestation and then they place these crystals anywhere and everyhwere saying they have positive energies.

    I don’t believe it anyways. If one has potatoes for breakfast and lunch, they will probably have more energy some place.

  7. Well, if it brings them comfort then what’s it to you?

  8. There are many things that some people, often less educated, believe without questioning. A scientific approach requires education and knowledge. Unfortunately , due to a less than efficient public school system, many people don’t have this education so some of them revert to a magical way of thinking. Some of them, for example, believe that invisible things are watching them, listening to them when they speak silently in their heads and that those invisible things can influence their lives… Amazing is it not ?

  9. The same question applies to people that think mythical sky gods have mystical powers.

  10. It was a pagan custom that has been observed to this day by Gypsy caravan..

    I do not understand what it shows nor have I got the chance to gaze into one.

  11. It’s New Age garbage. You know what they say: If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

  12. final fantasy

  13. Can’t you see?
    These stones are pretty, precious, and sexy.
    Why wouldn’t anybody worship them?
    I masturbate over them daily.
    And you should too!
    Because they’re lovely.
    They have god-like powers to give women erections.
    Don’t ask where I’m going with this but there is one thing I must say.
    And that is:

    EDIT : Btw Final Fantasy actually got it from this fact, not the other way round xD

  14. Good morning Vardarac.

    Not sure how they achieved their mystical status. Maybe it’s because of their regular symmetrical shape or rarity or color as you indicated. But interestingly science has found that there are natural vibrations in crystals ( see and ). In fact, most modern watches use a crystal to keep accurate time (see ) since the vibration is more regular than mechanical movements. Does any of this have a bearing on the “mystical” qualities of crystals? I’m not sure but it is something to consider (and, yes, they are pretty and colorful and….)

    May all be at peace.


  15. Not mystic power. Quartz crystals have been used in watches and radios and TV’s when they were first invented. Scientifically proven to give off waves of energy and to boost energy that is put to them.

    Not too ridiculous when you find that science has used them. It’s just like a diamond. People simply think they are pretty jewely and don’t realize they are used in cutting metal, used in scientific experiments for lasers, etc….

  16. My opinion for what it is worth is that someone dreamed it up just like the idea of No God existing. I do not ask you to agree with me for you are free to have your own opinion.

    Have a good day

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