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Question by haringmarumo: when a girl tells you she loves being single do you think she is a lesbian?
what do you say, like if you just reached that point or topic in your casual conversation and a 20 year old woman tells you she would rather tour the world and have an adventure of a lifetime and that if she was ever going to be your lover then she doesnt like to get married and would not like to move in with you because she wants mystery and the fun of it, like can you stick with that kind of situation if you loved a woman?
does she become more interesting as she continuosly insists that she likes to be single.

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Answer by Matt
I think ‘hobag’.

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  1. Well to me love goes both ways, which means if she doesn’t love me enough to stay with me and get married then shes not worth my love. I don’t think that means shes a lesbian though, it just means she doesn’t want to me tied down in one place to long.

  2. Thats crazy!!
    Hell I am married and there are times I wish I was single for those same reasons…does that make me a lesbian as well?

    If guys say that it is their excuse…because they can not handle rejection…even if it is not personal rejection.

  3. Never. She is not a lesbian. She feels there is no need to be together with a man. She feels safe and secure to hang around and explore the whole world by herself. That is her wish and she has all the rights to be who she wants to be.

  4. Just because a girl tells you she loves being single does not mean she’s a lesbian.

    At 20 years old, she’s doing the right thing by touring the world and having fun, and not being tied down to any one person.

    Now when she’s been this honest and upfront about her intentions, then it’s really up to a guy to decide whether or not he wants this type of free-spirited woman in his life.

  5. I believe she’s to young to be thinking about marriage or commitment. Good for her, she wants to know the world before knowing her Prince. I would not think of her as a lesbian, but as a smart girl.
    She needs and want to have adventure, get to know places, travel, have fun and meet and people before setting for a relationship or marriage.
    She is saying that about her lover or bf, or husband……so he’ll know how she is, and then he can make a choice, take it or leave it. She careless and she is not even worried about him making a choice right now.
    She doesn’t really care right now…..she is free as a bird….the world is waiting for her….be happy for her!
    At this time, they are not called singles…they’re called: smarts

  6. it’s not interesting or lesbian. it’s just a young woman who doesn’t care for responsibility or commitment right now. basically a typical young woman of that age. She wants fun and freedom.

  7. That’s kind of a dumb question. Think about it…..a 20 year- old woman was just a teenager the year before and I wouldn’t think that in most cases a young person would want to settle down at that age. And if a woman does express that desire to settle down right away she’s labeled as desperate. No one thinks a couple that puts off having kids hates children just because they want to wait or a guy who doesn’t want to settle down at 20 is gay. Young people should see the world and and really get to know themselves before committing their lives to someone. She also maybe fiercely independent and the kind of person that values “alone” time. She sounds like she has a lot going on in her life which makes her an interesting person. Who wants a clingy girlfriend anyway? I say give her time to figure out what she wants first .

  8. No I Dont Think This…….I Think She Jus Not In A Loveyy Way Or Maybe Gone Of Both Sexes Lol I Dono :S Well Thats What I Think Lol

    Nah She Just Wants Adventure In Life And Such…She Will Find A SoulMate Some day :]

  9. nope, i think it’s a choice of life

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