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Question by plasmafish: whats the difference between fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood?
are they the same or is brotherhood start off from the end of regular fullmetal alchemist? i watched all of regular and i also watched the movie. im mainly asking because i caught a glimpse of one of the brotherhood episodes recently on cartoon network adult swim and it looked like the brothers where in two different worlds like the end of regular but i was reading the description of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood season 1-4 and it says same thing as regular so im kinda confused.

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Answer by Don™
FMA Brotherhood and FMA 2003 are almost the same at least in first few episodes(in case of FMA ep.30 and Brotherhood ep.13)but after ep.30 FMA 2003 is nothing but an filler which has nothing to do with the original manga story(Movie is also filler) where as FMA Brotherhood follows the manga as it is and if you ask me it was way better than 2003 version.

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  1. fullmetal alchemist doesn’t go by how the manga was written it starts the same but strays away from the story line

    Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood go by how the manga was made it starts the same stays the same throughout the middle and ends the same and its better than the first one

  2. The whole FMA vs. FMA:B is a little complicated, so please let me explain:

    Fullmetal Alchemist is often called the “original series” by fans, or FMA1. When it went into production, it was following the manga (japanese comic, or graphic novel) of the same name, but the author told the producers that she didn’t want the anime to follow the same plot of the manga, as it would spoil readers because the manga wasn’t close to being complete. Respecting her wishes, the show started out very similar to the manga (with significant changes) but ended up splitting completely (plot wise, character wise, theory wise, belief wise…) from its origin, and has a completely different ending, which is concluded by Conquer of Shambala. After that movie, there a few OVAs or original video animations, that are like little shorts that follow after the movie, but then the series ends there.

    The manga is very popular and greatly-praised, and fans of the manga were really disappointed in all of the changes made in FMA1. By extreme popular demand, the TV series Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was made, which is very, very faithful to the manga. Both shows are very different from one another, although they start out similarly. Just to make sure you understand, Brotherhood isn’t a continuation of FMA1 and doesn’t follow the same story, but is rather a retelling of the story by accurately following the manga. While it may at first seem a little in-depth, this is because FMA:B really skims through the first 10 – 15 episodes because they are material that have already been covered by FMA1, and they didn’t want FMA:B to seem like the same exact show; also, they wanted to get into the new material quicker.

    If you area fan of the original series, I STRONGLY recommend you to read the manga and watch Brotherhood. You will love it more. I got into the manga from watching FMA1, and while i thought that was a really great (amazing) show that i loved, i love the manga x10 more. Just watching Brotherhood would shame the series by robbing the manga of its greatness, so i recommend that you do both! Brotherhood overall has very different, but vastly smoother and improved animation, though it takes a bit of time to get used to. There are mostly the same voice actors (i’m talking about the english dub cast) although Alphonse and Scar and some other minor people got replacements, although the new actors really warm up in a few episodes, and its hard to imagine the old people. FMA:Brotherhood is amazing, but again, nothing beats the original source.

    Brotherhood has concluded at 64 episodes (as opposed to the original series’ 51 episodes), and has ended with the same ending as the manga. There was a movie to follow it that has just been announced, and spoilers are just starting to leak out. Brotherhood is currently being English dubbed and Part 4, with episodes 40-52, has just been released on DVD and is currently airing on TV.
    For your viewing pleasure:

    the FMA manga: http://www.mangareader.net/116-5187-1/full-metal-alchemist/chapter-1.html
    [the BIBLE of FMA. If you read this, you need to forget all you know of the first series (as i suggest you read the manga after watching the first series)] as always, its better to support the artist and buy the volumes rather than reading them online..but here’s the link to read online anyway. enjoy =] OH! I almost forgot! Mangas read from RIGHT to LEFT, the opposite of most English comics.

    watch FMA:Brotherhood (English: 52 episodes dubbed/ 64 episodes subbed): http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/fullmetal-alchemist-brotherhood-english-dubbed-online-free
    [but seriously, i recommend reading the manga before you watch Brotherhood. you won't be sorry!]

    Although you’ve already watched the original series, I recommend you experience the series like so:
    FMA1 —> Conqueror of Shamballa —> OVAs —> Manga —> FMA:B —-> OVAs —> New Movie.

    I hope this helped you, enjoy the series and the links!

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