Mar 072014

Question by What would be a good . . . . ?
Physics class question:

What would be a good definition for “Self-Awareness”?

What are the minimum requirements for a system (or entity) to be considered self aware?
I mean like a computer for it to be self aware . . . .

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Answer by kt
it’s like, you know and understand yourself– your desires, fears, personality, talents, limits, beliefs, etc.

idk aout specific requirements tho, that probably depends on personal opinion.

but i’d guess that for an entity or system, it would have to understand its function and relationship to other systems of entities, and would have to know it’s limits and power

idk specifically what you’re thinking of tho, it depends

i think to be self-aware, it would also have to be able to consciously think or reason…?

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  1. there are NO requirements that could ever be evaluated

    You can ONLY know consciousness in yourself.

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