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Question by cwilliams0586: What Jewish Mysticism movements happened doing 2nd century CE and 1150 CE?
I can’t find the two mysticism movements that cropped up doing 2nd century CE or the two that came up doing 1150CE? All I keep getting is Kabalah which is a mysticism movement but it was not doing any of the times I need. Also what King of Persia allowed the Judaeans to return to Jerusalem and what title was he given? Was it King David or Solomon? Thanks

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Answer by Kate
Kaballah and Hasidism are the two Jewish Mysticism movements. I believe it was Cyrus who allowed the Jews to return, but I’m not 100% on that.

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  1. answer: I’ll star for my Jewish contacts to hit the first part

    the second is King Cyrus, he was called a righteous man. David and Solomon were both Jewish.

  2. King (messiah) Cyrus of Persia was the King that allowed the Israelites to return to the promised land from Babylonia.

    The word moshiach (messiah) simply means anointed — as in anointed king. There have been innumerable messiahs (anointed kings) throughout the ages. THE messiah will usher in an era of universal peace ON EARTH.

    Btw, THE messiah will be a great HUMAN leader. He will not have supernatural powers and will not condemn “non-believers” to a mythical place of eternal torment.


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