Jun 142014

Question by Sabir: what is the hardest and easiest sciences in order ?
earth science , biology,chemistry,physics, and if you have any more science classes including ap

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Answer by PoissonFish
This is entirely too much of an opinion that we probably can’t answer this for you satisfactorily. If I think that biology is the hardest science, you might think that physics is.

If you are interested in science, try taking classes for each of the broad categories, such as chemistry and physics, and see what you like best!

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  1. It’s different for everyone, as everybody’s strengths/weaknesses are not the same. It’s also largely based on your teacher and school. If you have a good teacher and lots of talent, AP Chem can be a breeze.

    In general though, I think it would be something like this, from easiest to hardest: Science electives (Marine Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, etc.), AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics B, AP Physics C, and AP Chemistry. For regular and honors classes, the order would be the same with different titles.

  2. Eh, they’re all pretty easy to me.

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