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Question by miramistletoe: What is the difference between Fullmetal Alchemist’s manga and anime edition?
I found that the storyline of it’s manga and anime edition is different…Is it true?

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Answer by Black Winged Assassin
Yep, the storylines from the anime is different from the manga.

Square Enix wrote the script for FMA for the anime.

The creator created the video game and manga.

Fullmetal Alchemist was based off from a video game, except the heroine isn’t in there and so is a few other characters.

What’s also different between the anime and manga is that the manga has some new characters.

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  1. The difference is that, in anime there’s only Hohenheim while in manga there are 2 Hohenheim. Anime is finish but in manga is still going on (I guess it’s right). In Manga they added some characters.

  2. Yes,it’s true.Hiromu arakawa(Genius behind fullmetal alchemist) wanted the anime staff to work independently from her and requested having to make a different ending from the one in the manga(which is still ongoing).

  3. The anime is similar to the manga to a certain part of the story. It follows the manga to the 7th volume or so, only changing some minor scenes, but after that point, it’s all original work since the author left that in the hands of the production staff. Because of that, a lot of important scenes weren’t included in the anime and new ones were made, changing greatly the story, and consequently not including some characters that appeared in the manga. As for the movie, it’s completely original, being the characters and the concept the only things that connect it to the manga.

    That’s why they are making a new season in April, to entirely follow the original manga story.

  4. Yes, there are innumerable differences between the anime and manga. I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t seen/read one or the other, so I’ll just say this: The manga and the (original) anime are the same initially, but branch apart fairly early on, keeping very few things similar afterward. The new anime that starts in April will follow the manga plot exclusively and will probably have a very long, sprawling run. I’ve seen/read both (granted, the manga is still going) and, personally, found the show to be much more complex, interesting, dark, and better written.

  5. The anime ender after 51 episodes and a theactrical movie release. There is also a manga.

    With the Anime/Manga it’s not so much a matter of better, or worse, just very, very different. I’ve enjoyed both quite a bit.

    The Manga is still running strong. I have volumes 1-11 and numbers 13 & 14

    As I understand it there will soon be a good bit of delay for anymore FMA manga in English as the English volumes are coming out so often that they are catching up to the Japanese versions.

    A piece of advice, buy the manga on eBay if you can. I got the first 10 volumes in a bundle for around $40-$60. It is around $107.00 to buy them from book stores.

    The 2 stories are very different. The differences become profound around episode 25 of Fullmetal Alchemist.

    The Homunculi, both their names, genders, and ways of being made are different.

    The Anime was made while the Manga was just starting, so allot of the foundations of the Anime were made up on the fly and aren’t the same as the Manga.

    In the Manga atagonist is Father (a more or less) evil twin of Hohenheim, while in the Anime it’s Dante a former lover of Hohenheim.

    Pride is named Wrath in the Manga. Wrath from the Anime doesn’t exist. Wrath in the Anime is …. revealed later in the series:D

    The differences become profound around episode 25 of Fullmetal Alchemist

    That said, a Second Fullmetal Alchemist Anime series is in development, and supposedly will be closer to the Manga. Honestly, the could make several Anime, (which has happened before) each being closer to the actual Manga.

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